Miguel’s First World Cup

13 Sep

This would have to be one of the cutest themed parties I’ve ever been to and even with the rain it turned out to be a complete success. Kid’s 1st birthday parties are really big nowadays, almost like planning for a wedding and this one had it all.

Let’s start with the invitation made by one of Miguel’s aunts, Katrina Encanto.

That cute kid on that ticket is seriously Miguel! Haha. Talk about personalizing the theme and making it your own. Thanks Gels for inviting us.

And since we purchased our gift last minute, I had to make do with Mita Bo’s gift wrapping stash which is a whole lot btw. I couldn’t find a wrapper with soccer balls in it (because if I did then that would be pushing it) but this was the closest one I could find. I wanted to make sure the way I wrapped the gift complemented the theme and the occasion, of course.

Yep, we’re in the right place—the LaVista Clubhouse.

 And I knew this was going to be big because they had food stalls outside…tacos, hotdog, ice-cream, fish balls, tempura and cotton candy.

This one took the cake….they had a POTATO CORNER stall outside and Marco and I went crazy. How awesome is that!!!

This was the set-up inside when it wasn’t jam-packed yet. We were early birds, we even got their before Gela and Jau did. hahaha. Excited much.

The center pieces were to die for, they had assorted hand-picked football jerseys with Miguel’s photo sitting on top of faux green with stress-reliever soccer balls.

At the back of the jersey center piece, there was a bunch of these world cup inspired cookies ready for the taking.

Mr. and Mrs. Marco Mendezona raided Kuya JV’s closet. Thanks again kuya for letting us raid your jersey stash.

Gela, proud ninang of Miguel and Jau, the sound technician/ spotify enthusiast. Haha.

La Vista ladies—a bunch of football posers. Oh, wait Gela plays na pala. Hahaha.

Did I mention they also has face painting and special effects! Bri opted for a realistic “gash”. haha.

Look who made it to the party…Haven’t seen klarkey in the longest time! Meet her cute daughter, Midori.

Miguel’s football cake.


Here’s the birthday celebrant with his dad, Basco.

And here’s Miguel with his mom, Melissa.

Miguel’s own version of his trophy wall.

One word for the dessert table—WOW!

Miguel, the cutie patootie in the middle of the dessert table.

Last but not the least, their giveaways were football stools. We were able to get one for Diego and Mateo, yay!

Nothing’s changed, we still enjoy themed parties. Thanks so much to the Encantos for having us.

 Happy happy 1st birthday Miguel! #miguelturnsone #miguelisone


Bachelorette @ Distillery

13 Jun

The night before my wedding was definitely a night to remember because of all the craziness that occurred in one night. It’s hard to fathom how I even dared to go on a night out when I still had a lot of things to accomplish for the wedding. I  literally left my fiancé to do the seat plan with my mom because we decided last minute to do that instead of zoning the guests. I wasn’t sure of what I was going to wear, I didn’t have time to do my hair, I couldn’t even remember how to put my make up on so Jem had to do it for me—so I guess you can say I was a very stressed out bride, I didn’t feel pretty at all. But you know what, I just realized that having a strong support system in times like these can really help you out. It’s important to surround yourself with family and friends that try to understand you, people who are patient enough to deal with your drama, people who don’t judge you just coz you’re “acting a bit off” lately.

To those people that I’ve ignored or haven’t gotten back to especially during those times, I apologize for doing so but I’d be lying if I also didn’t say that I expected you to understand me. Those who know me most should know that in any other circumstance I would put other people’s concerns first but in this particular situation I think I deserved to focus on myself and be a little bit selfish if that’s how you’d want to put it. Bride-to be’s really DO go through different levels of stress just dealing with all the wedding suppliers, the family dramas and sensitivities, the emotional roller coaster, the wedding jitters–and not everyone can deal with stress graciously so forgive me if I wasn’t the calm, blooming, stress-free bride everyone wanted me to be, believe me I tried. So there… I just needed to get that out of the way.

To the women of Marco’s side who threw me this bachelorette party and all of my girls who came (both family and friends)…a BIG THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Every single one of you helped me de-stress, and with a little help from the booze I got rid of those last minute wedding jitters. I appreciate you enjoying that night with me, just having mindless fun and I am thankful for all the fun, kinky, sexy gifts I got. I will find a way to put all of them into good use.Haha.

Gela and Jem—-years after they still got my back. I love you both so much. Missing Andy love.

Btw, thanks for hosting that night.

Ate Jemma, Pauline, Marie…the base of my support system, I just love my family to pieces.

Drinks to start the night, we had a lot of them.

Settling in. Half of the girls that made it that night.

I  love you Ate. I know I’ve stressed this out a lot of times already but you truly are the best for flying in even at your pregnant state.

These two up to their old antics. Hai, loves!



Flaming Shots…


more lingerie…

…and Macho Dancer DVDs. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Cheers to my two sisters (Marie and Pauline) and new sisters (Pilica and Pauline)

Cousin love.

Jem. Gela. Jemma.Pauline. Ann Marie. Bea. Bianca. Pilica. Pauline. Missy. Juanay. Anina. Krystelle. Claudia. Angel. Kaye

Thank you girls!!!


Circa 1900 Rehearsal Dinner

12 Jun

Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.


As I’ve mentioned in some of my posts from before, another favorite pastime of mine is looking at old, historical houses. In a heart beat I would pick Circa 1900 as a perfect place for the rehearsal dinner not only because of the fact that they wonderfully restored this old Spanish-Cebuano house to a charming white capacious beauty but also because Circa 1900 is know for their delicious and exquisite dishes and drinks, you tend to see a bunch of unique exciting ones on the menu like the Iba shake and malunggay ice cream for starters. The function room found below the house was just right for the 100 guests who came that night, thank you Adrian (and the rest of the staff) of Circa 1900 for accommodating us, helping us out with the menu and scheduling our taste test. Even with the lack of preparation in my part, the pre-wedding dinner turned out to be such  a wonderful and memorable affair for both sides.


 The Rehearsal Dinner invitations I made online ℅  Wedding Chicks (they were just sent out electronically). Do check their website and click on the link for more free downloadable templates. DIY made easy, don’t you just love DIY-ing?


Circa 1900 at night.

photo ℅ http://www.iluvcebu.com


Circa 1900 is fairly hidden so to those who might want to visit them, here’s the map that we also just found in google to help our guests get there.


Since we failed to take photos of the buffet presentation during the rehearsal dinner, here are some photos of the menu that we picked during our taste test a few days prior to the eventful night.


Appetizer: Japanese Maki Rolls with Tuna, Salmon, Crabstick, Egg, Mango and Vegetables

Salad: Italian salad with Toast andGrilled Vegetables, Mozzarella Cubes, Tomato, Arugula and Pesto

Pasta: Angel Hair Pasta with Chorizo, Shrimps, Chili, Garlic, Red Onion, Olives and Tomato

Main Dish: Chicken Legs and Thighs with Cocodobo Sauce (must try!!!) and the Cripsy Fried Beef Ribs Tadyang

Vegetables: Wok-Fried Asian Vegetables with Beansprouts, Oyster Sauce and Sesame Seeds

Dessert: Maja Blanca Cheesecake & Blueberry Date and Chocolate Chip Crumble Pie


Nervous Smiles. Wedding Jitters, I suppose. Haha


Odilao sisters (missing Tita Gands)— with Ninang Ofel and Mom


Ramas & Odilao sisters— Mita Bo, Mita Wee, Mom and Ninang Ofel

Dadz reunited with the mitas, it’s like Houston all over again.


with Waning and Dadz


Marco and I with the bestest girlfriends from U.P—Jem and Gela. We missed you, Andy!






The Odilaos (mom’s side)


The Ramases (pop’s side)


Ramas-Mendezona siblings combined, we both come from big families.


Ramas- Mendezonas (complete version, haha)


with Marco’s parents


 …and my parents.


Our parents, the ones responsible for the man and woman Marco and I have become today. All your relationship advice and words of wisdom have resulted to this, the Long Distance Relationship Marco and I had would not have lasted without your guidance. Thank you for being the ones we can run to when we have a hard time understanding each other and thank you for showing us the beauty of love, patience, sacrifice and commitment. We are truly blessed to have you who love us unconditionally even with all our faults and failures. We love you both.


Bridal Shower #3: Lace and Pearls

9 May

So one day mom tells me that she’s planning a bridal shower for me, I told her “sure mom, that would be great” but in my head I knew there was a 50-50 chance of it pushing through. Not that I doubted mom’s party planning skills nor did I question her creativity, it was just that she’s literally one of the busiest people that I know. If she’s not working in the hospital, you’ll find her working at home, surely she wouldn’t be able to find time to do this. And another thing, she wanted to go all out on DIY-ing this party without asking for my help. How the heck was she going to do that?

 “Give me a date when you’re free, you don’t need to worry about anything. We’ll plan this.”

I thought she wasn’t serious until she brought these DIY printed-out invitations home. That was the only time she let me help…wrapping the invitations with doilies and burlap strings (very rustic vintage) before she handed them out.

Mom had one of her co-workers (who btw also was crazy about DIY) come up with the invitation print-outs

And on the day of the actual shower, this table at the entrance blew me away.

There it was… mom’s mirrored vanity tray that we bought from one of the past estate sales, Vynna’s assorted glass perfume bottles, the vintage off-white gloves that I bought from the lady next-door in the old neighborhood we were living in, a photo of me and marco (mom made sure to buy vintage frames for that), faux pearls, a cream colored candle inside a bird cage, a lace fan, Mae’s DIY guestbook in pink/gold/ pearls, a DIY cake towel made by one of mom’s friends (its at the far corner—yes, that thing was made out of towels) and just a hodge page of trinkets and treasures.

Walked in the room and saw my thrifted vintage wedding dress on a mannequin.

The homemade mocha cake Tita Mymar made. Isn’t it lovely?

Mini Cupcakes. :)

My sister’s home made oreo cake pops—Thanks Pauline!

Loved the wonderful flower arrangement made by a lady from church.

Dessert/ Punch table setting.

And they also prepared a slide show presentation for me ℅ the Sandils.

They were showing some embarassing pictures of me growing up, How delightful (not, haha)

Practice for the wedding day— I also had cake slicing during my bridal shower.

…and of course they also had a Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. The models from each group: Tita Mymar, Angelie and Tita Connie.

Opening of gifts: L-I-N-G-E-R-I-E….lost count.

This is a tad bit too late but I want to thank everyone who made it to the bridal shower and also thank you for all the presents, the cards, the gift cards, cash, stuff from the wedding registry, inspirational books on marriage, the lovely rosary and most importantly words of advice as I start a new chapter in my life. Mom was right, each and everyone of you has been an important part of my life, true women of wisdom whom I won’t hesitate to run to in times of need.


Here’s a run-down of the people who made it to the bridal shower:

Tita Flora, our closest family friend/ mom’s second mom here in Houston.

My boss and my second mom at work.

CFC-FFL Titas with Mae, all of them are my second-moms in the community.

Mom’s friends and co-workers.

The Singsons, the first ever family who housed us in Houston.

Mommy Norma and Ate Jen, one of our very few relatives here in Houston. They just moved in a couple of days ago.

The infamous Tita Mymar, cake extraordianire.

The Ladies of the Pinoy Community of Sienna Anderson Springs, our closest friends in the neighborhood and the most down-to-earth bunch I know.

with the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Costales (they’re also getting married this year!). Thanks so much for hosting, Mae!

With the youngest girls in the family—Ate loves you!!!

And of course my dearest mom, the brains behind the bridal shower.

Mom, you’ve really outdone yourself! I know you’ve been silently stressing out on the preparations for this bridal shower and for a while I did feel kind of helpless not being able to pitch-in with the planning or the execution of this whole thing. I’m so used to us tag-teaming with you, doing chores, running house errands, telling the kids off but you know what with the help of our family, close friends and neighbors the whole thing just turned out quite perfect. We really are so blessed and loved. I want to thank you for going out of your way to make me feel appreciated and for making sure that my last few days in Houston were memorable. And in turn I too appreciate you for sacrificing your time and effort just to make this send-off a blast. You really would do anything for us, mom. Thank you and I love you so much!


Bridal Shower #2/ Birthday/ Despedida Party: Luau

9 May

May 9, 2014— my last day at work and ironically also my boss’ (Mrs. Abaya) birthday. Coincidentally, my first day at work fell on September 7 which also happened to be my birthday. To those who’ve always wondered what I do (or did) for a living in Houston, I was a medical assistant for one of the best Filipino Nephrologists in the Houston Medical Center  (no bias at all). And the Texas Medical Center in Houston is in fact the largest medical center in the entire world as of the moment so I would want to assume that Dr. Abaya is one of the best nephrologists out there.

Now I know I took up BA Theater Arts in college, I majored in “performance”, clearly I had no medical background whatsoever. And just to add up to that, I never did like the medical field, I could tolerate it but never did I go looking for it. To my advantage, this husband and wife tandem took me in and took a chance on me. I’ve always wondered what they saw in me, heck if I interviewed myself I wouldn’t even hire “me”. I didn’t know what I was taking about but I acted like I did though, of course I am a performer, surprisingly after a few days they called and I started working with them part time at first and eventually full time. Maybe it was the fact the Dr. Abaya went to the University of the Philippines and he saw on my resume that I did too, other than being Filipino that was our only connection, in our fields of expertise we had null.

The Abayas were my first ever employers in Houston and my last before flying back to the Philippines to live there temporarily. That small, skinny girl from 7 years ago who knew nothing is no more, today I can honestly say that I am a medical assistant in the full essence of it. I can handle difficult patients, triage medical complaints, memorize procedure and diagnoses codes, charge visits, check vital signs, verify medication, get claims paid, appeal ones that aren’t paid, do credentialing for the doctor and the practice but most importantly I have learned to genuinely care for my patients and I have learned to get to the bottom of their problems and concerns with their insurance, their health, their medications, their appointments, their everything.

I will miss you all and I will miss our patients. To those patients who scheduled appointments just to see me before I leave…Thank you. To those who went into the trouble of getting me a little something and writing me sweet notes…Thank you. And to those who came by on my last day even without scheduled appointments just to give me a hug and send me their well-wishes…Thank you. I cannot promise you that I’ll be back in a year to work as a medical assistant again but I hope that our paths will cross someday and when that day comes I hope you will still remember me.

Instant Luau at our kitchen/ break room

My mentor and today’s birthday girl— Mrs. Abaya

Today’s pika-pika. Yessenia tried to compromise by throwing in some healthy stuff like carrots, broccoli, pretzels and some fruits but we obviously went for the cheese, crackers, m&m’s, cupcakes and donut holes.

Mrs. Abaya brought in lunch from La Madeline

For the past few years my boss would get me this awesome cake for my birthday or special occasions, here’s one last for good times sake

The famous Sacher Torte from La Madeline

Flowers for Mrs. Abaya from Yessenia

I got her white tulips

Dr. Abaya and Mrs. Abaya

Yessenia, a new found friend that Im leaving so soon.

P.S. She’s also getting married this July 2014.

Bernardino F. Abaya, MD and staff

….I am what I am today, Dr. Abaya and Mrs. Abaya, because of you. Thank you for taking a chance on me, for being patient with me, for training me and for teaching me everything I know today about the medical practice. Your kindness and generosity will never be forgotten. One way or the other, I know I’ll get to use all of these skills you’ve taught me, hopefully when Marco starts his own practice in the future. I am forever grateful, Abayas.


Bridal Shower #1: Sweet Pastels

26 Apr

“We can’t wait to hand out the invitations, they’re so YOU”

It all started when these two wonderful sisters that I met in the St. Angela Merici Choir decided to throw me a bridal shower, and true to their word they did. 

The invitations? Oh they were right alright, it was so ME. Just after my own heart,

These things taste good as they look, I promise.

Matching centerpiece—invitations, platelets, cups, table cover, food, EVERYTHING.

R for is for Regina Ramas. Cookieeeesssss!!!

Table Set-Up.

Pin the Flower on the Wedding Dress. Would you believe my brother John won? Haha.

And they got me gifts… LOTS of it.

Opening one of the gifts, this one happens to be from the Tecsons

Last time I opened gifts in front of everyone was when I was 10 I think, now I’m 27 and this was weird for me alright.

Thanks so much SAM Choir for having my family over too.

I wore pastels and accidentally matched the theme of the bridal shower. I guess my SAM family does know me too well.

Here it is—my St. Angela Merici Choir Family. I love this bunch.

And these are the two sisters responsible for this whole thing—Patty and Barbara. Thank you for this wonderful shower and for treating me and my family like your own. Love you both so much!


~Regina (Rhea)

Denim Hits

10 Apr

(SHRUG: denim; thrifted/ DRESS: floral tube dress; No Boundaries/ SHOES: lasercut peeptoes; Ross/ PURSE: purple studded sling; Forever 21/ SUNGLASSES: aviators; Forever 21/ EARRINGS: from Roxi; Givenchy)

Florals tend be on the girly side, throw in a bunch of denims to make the outfit interesting and less feminine.

The denim shrug was thrifted from the kids section. Originally, I think they were meant to be some little kid’s jacket but it fit me perfectly.

Threw in a pastel colored purse to balance out the bright and loud colors from my dress, I can always rely on studs to make a piece more playful.

Don’t mind the “sock marks”, just came from work and I had to change quickly to make it to my sister’s concert.


If you’re reading this post then it means that I’ve finally found time to work on my #OOTD backlog, you will probably be seeing it on a Thursday or a Friday as I will try to pass it for a #TBT (Throwback Thursday) or an #FBF (Flashback Friday), whichever works. It will also mean that I’m no longer in Houston and should currently be living in Manila and lastly it will mean that I’m officially married to Marco. Oh, the change. How exciting, Mrs. Marco Mendezona!

As of the moment, I’ve reassessed my closet and I’ve realized that  denims are really not my go-to thing. I guess I really am a floral dress- printed skirt type of girl and I feel so bad for my denims because they’re just literally sitting there gathering dust. It’s not that I don’t like them and I don’t think I look bad in them either, they’re just not my first option. There’s a million and one ways of wearing them but I just associate denims with being rugged and that’s just not me. Yesterday for example, I almost made it out the door wearing denim jeans but changed my mind last minute and opted for an easy to slip on summer dress similar to this one. Today, I was lucky enough to have survived grabbing this denim shrug like it was a no-brainer, I think it was my denim-consicence that convinced me. I’ll give it a few more months, if I still don’t see myself making an effort to work on those denims then I guess I have to get rid of them. Enough hoarding for me, my dad is going to kill me. Haha.



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