This Year’s First Surprise

I can never blog during the early part of the year, the holidays are always a hectic time for me especially since I have mommy duties now. We just celebrated Cassie’s first Christmas and her first New Year and can I just say being a mom is beyond AWESOME!!! (even with the spits, the throw-ups […]

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Cassie’s Baptism

Cassie’s Baptismal Invitation Since most of Cassie’s Godparents are from outside the US, we had to look for other ways to ask them and this is what we resorted to Cassie fitting the baptismal wear (excuse the sleepy eyes) that has been passed down from generation to generation (in Marco’s side). Marco’s abuelitoΒ even wore this […]

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Cassie’s First Christmas

Christmas would have to be my most favorite Holiday and Holy day of the year, everyones noticeably nicer and its an excuse to be extra generous. I like giving, I like the idea of thinking of those special people in our lives and getting them something that they might want or appreciate and that feeling […]

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Cassie: 12.08.2015

(DRESS: Ralph Lauren, light denim dress/ SHOES: Carters, white floral ballet flats/ HEADBAND: Belle and Coco, white bow headband) Cassie at 1 month and 2.5 weeks. Thanks Ninang Jemma for this cute dress and Baba for my shoes.

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