Bridal Shower #2: Lace and Pearls

9 May

So one day mom tells me that she’s planning a bridal shower for me, I told her “sure mom, that would be great” but in my head I knew there was a 50-50 chance of it pushing through. Not that I doubted mom’s party planning skills nor did I question her creativity, it was just that she’s literally one of the busiest people that I know. If she’s not working in the hospital, you’ll find her working at home, surely she wouldn’t be able to find time to do this. And another thing, she wanted to go all out on DIY-ing this party without asking for my help. How the heck was she going to do that?

 “Give me a date when you’re free, you don’t need to worry about anything. We’ll plan this.”

I thought she wasn’t serious until she brought these DIY printed-out invitations home. That was the only time she let me help…wrapping the invitations with doilies and burlap strings (very rustic vintage) before she handed them out.

Mom had one of her co-workers (who btw also was crazy about DIY) come up with the invitation print-outs

And on the day of the actual shower, this table at the entrance blew me away.

There it was… mom’s mirrored vanity tray that we bought from one of the past estate sales, Vynna’s assorted glass perfume bottles, the vintage off-white gloves that I bought from the lady next-door in the old neighborhood we were living in, a photo of me and marco (mom made sure to buy vintage frames for that), faux pearls, a cream colored candle inside a bird cage, a lace fan, Mae’s DIY guestbook in pink/gold/ pearls, a DIY cake towel made by one of mom’s friends (its at the far corner—yes, that thing was made out of towels) and just a hodge page of trinkets and treasures.

Walked in the room and saw my thrifted vintage wedding dress on a mannequin.

The homemade mocha cake Tita Mymar made. Isn’t it lovely?

Mini Cupcakes. :)

My sister’s home made oreo cake pops—Thanks Pauline!

Loved the wonderful flower arrangement made by a lady from church.

Dessert/ Punch table setting.

And they also prepared a slide show presentation for me ℅ the Sandils.

They were showing some embarassing pictures of me growing up, How delightful (not, haha)

Practice for the wedding day— I also had cake slicing during my bridal shower.

…and of course they also had a Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. The models from each group: Tita Mymar, Angelie and Tita Connie.

Opening of gifts: L-I-N-G-E-R-I-E….lost count.

This is a tad bit too late but I want to thank everyone who made it to the bridal shower and also thank you for all the presents, the cards, the gift cards, cash, stuff from the wedding registry, inspirational books on marriage, the lovely rosary and most importantly words of advice as I start a new chapter in my life. Mom was right, each and everyone of you has been an important part of my life, true women of wisdom whom I won’t hesitate to run to in times of need.


Here’s a run-down of the people who made it to the bridal shower:

Tita Flora, our closest family friend/ mom’s second mom here in Houston.

My boss and my second mom at work.

CFC-FFL Titas with Mae, all of them are my second-moms in the community.

Mom’s friends and co-workers.

The Singsons, the first ever family who housed us in Houston.

Mommy Norma and Ate Jen, one of our very few relatives here in Houston. They just moved in a couple of days ago.

The infamous Tita Mymar, cake extraordianire.

The Ladies of the Pinoy Community of Sienna Anderson Springs, our closest friends in the neighborhood and the most down-to-earth bunch I know.

with the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Costales (they’re also getting married this year!). Thanks so much for hosting, Mae!

With the youngest girls in the family—Ate loves you!!!

And of course my dearest mom, the brains behind the bridal shower.

Mom, you’ve really outdone yourself! I know you’ve been silently stressing out on the preparations for this bridal shower and for a while I did feel kind of helpless not being able to pitch-in with the planning or the execution of this whole thing. I’m so used to us tag-teaming with you, doing chores, running house errands, telling the kids off but you know what with the help of our family, close friends and neighbors the whole thing just turned out quite perfect. We really are so blessed and loved. I want to thank you for going out of your way to make me feel appreciated and for making sure that my last few days in Houston were memorable. And in turn I too appreciate you for sacrificing your time and effort just to make this send-off a blast. You really would do anything for us, mom. Thank you and I love you so much!


Bridal Shower #1: Sweet Pastels

26 Apr

“We can’t wait to hand out the invitations, they’re so YOU”

It all started when these two wonderful sisters that I met in the St. Angela Merici Choir decided to throw me a bridal shower, and true to their word they did. 

The invitations? Oh they were right alright, it was so ME. Just after my own heart,

These things taste good as they look, I promise.

Matching centerpiece—invitations, platelets, cups, table cover, food, EVERYTHING.

R for is for Regina Ramas. Cookieeeesssss!!!

Table Set-Up.

Pin the Flower on the Wedding Dress. Would you believe my brother John won? Haha.

And they got me gifts… LOTS of it.

Opening one of the gifts, this one happens to be from the Tecsons

Last time I opened gifts in front of everyone was when I was 10 I think, now I’m 27 and this was weird for me alright.

Thanks so much SAM Choir for having my family over too.

I wore pastels and accidentally matched the theme of the bridal shower. I guess my SAM family does know me too well.

Here it is—my St. Angela Merici Choir Family. I love this bunch.

And these are the two sisters responsible for this whole thing—Patty and Barbara. Thank you for this wonderful shower and for treating me and my family like your own. Love you both so much!


~Regina (Rhea)

Tweak and Repeat

8 Mar

I usually wait for a good 3-6 months before repeating a dress especially if its something people notice like a printed floral one but I figured wearing it in two different places around different people should be okay, and if you love it so much then why not, right?  Enjoying this comfortable peplum dress, now off to church. #vintageflowers

(DRESS: Floral; 5,7,9/ SWEATER: Mossimo/ HEELS: Wet Seal/ BRIEFCASE: thrifted/ EARRINGS: from Roxi/ BANGLES: F21 and Charming Charlie)

Sitting this one out

Necklace and Earrings from Roxi’s vintage stash. Thanks mane!

Keeping it simple, long gold necklace against the floral dress.

Fell in love with the texture of this briefcase. The previous owner didn’t even get the chance to use this. A good thrift find at $10.

 Crisscrossed and Complicated.

Oh, and here’s the only other time that I wore this lovely, a month and a half ago in Cebu for Kei and Nino’s engagement party. #itsmorefuninthephilippines

Have a blessed Sunday!


Slipping Into Seoul

9 Feb

 Thank you Asiana Air for that long stop over in Seoul, you’ve given me a chance to sleep straight on a comfy bed and to explore another unfamiliar country. I’ll definitely be back with Marco.

Welcome to Hotel June Room 313, my home for the next 8-10 hours.

Score! An actual PC with internet connection in my room…now if I only I could understand Korean.


Why Hello there brother #Paul, I took this photo just for you.

Remnants of the snowflakes this morning.

I braved the streets of Seoul with my peeptoe wedges. My feet almost died.

That uncanny attraction to another country’s culture.

…Yes, I stopped by to watch. I’d have to admit, I’ve been dying to try one of those hanboks (traditional korean dress)  ever since I took Art Sudies in college.

I couldn’t resist, I had to try it too. Had fun dabbing ink on Hanji (traditional Korean paper).

The Design: Hojakdo (Magpie and Tiger); to avert evils and misfortunes.

Gamsahabnida, Seoul.

See you in awhile Houston! #Asianaair


Destination: Simala Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines

9 Feb

I’ve forgotten how much fun I used to have traveling to the far South, and I say “far” because Talisay, the place I grew up in was already considered south with Cebu City as the point of reference. That song from Anastasia “Journey to the Past”…literally what it felt like during the 2-hour drive to Simala. I didn’t realize how lucky we are to still have design remnants from the Spanish Coloniazation Era. If I’m not mistaken, we passed by 4 old churches along the way and I was so tempted to just stop and take pictures but we were on a tight schedule so I decided to save that for another adventure, maybe next time I can do that with Marco.

A quick shot taken of the San Isidro Labrador Church in San Fernando, we already passed by 2 old churches prior to this one (one in Minglanilla and the other one in Naga) but I didn’t have Reno, my camera, ready.

Here’s another quick shot that I took from inside the car…. Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Zaragoza Church in Sibonga.

My first sight of the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist—-a magnificent sight indeed. It’s amazing how they started this with a mere bahay kubo (nipa hut), now it resembles a castle in the sky.

Feeling so blessed to be here.

I kept looking up until my neck hurt, so I decided to just snap a photo.

This Way…Mama Mary Halok (Kiss)

Just a thought: What if I come back and my footwear is no longer there? #barefootbeauty

The line was this long. Imagine how many visitors they get everyday.

Ang Birhen sa Simala

Praying for intentions.

My dates for today—Mama Joy and Mommy Babe. Kuya Noe is taking the photo.

Thanks Mommy Babe (grandmother) for making this trip possible, she knew this would satisfy my troubled heart. I have the best grandmother, she prays with me for


Lighting candles for Marco’s board exam

Bumped into a monk just after submitting our prayer petitions

I’m confident that we will be adding Marco to this wall of Board Passers. CLAIMED.

One last shot before completely heading out.

We didn’t have time for Stations of the Cross but I did make it to the First one.

Stopped by Jollibee on the way home. A view from the entrance—-The Carcar Rotunda.

UPDATE: Marco did PASS the Medical Board Exam. Thank you, Lord!


Niño ❤ Kei

8 Feb

THIRTY—-a bunch of girls I go way back with, some since kindergarten but the past few years (maybe a decade or so) I have unconsciously dropped out of their lives partly because of Theater 110 and partly because my family had to migrate to Houston. Either ways I’ve missed out on everyone’s debut (except Din’s), Batch Reunions, Annual Christmas Parties, Random trips to the Beach and now I am starting to miss out on Weddings, too. Bummer.

This January, I scheduled a trip to the Philippines to check up on my wedding suppliers and make sure everything was okay—-it was a BIG plus to make it just in time for Sinulog, a BIG plus to be able to check up on Marco and wish him luck before the Philippine Medical Board Exam and another BIG plus to be able to make it to one of my closest friend’s wedding and catch up with the rest of the girls. The day started out hectic thanks to Cebu’s ever growing traffic that I can’t seem to get used to but everything turned out great.

Once again, Congrats Nak, Congrats Ninz, I’m blessed to be able to witness your union! Love you both.❤ #ninoandkeiwedding

We made it!!! Nino and Kei Reception…here we go. :)

Who doesn’t love a good red velvet wedding cake?

The cutest kiss…awwww. Congrats you two lovebirds!

Lovin the Beach rustic set up.

One of my most favorite couples—- Waning and Dadz.

Reunited with my Houston loves—we’re next in line down that aisle.

uhhh..yeah, I would hang out  by the dessert table. :)

Nay and Chang—my after -ceremony buddies over Dimsum and Starbucks. Cravings satisfied, danke.


Our faces—wahaha. WTH. Kiat ra.

While gapapicture mi with the couple….

Gakiat ang duha. Haha

One last photo with the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez.

Same OLD girls, according to Meyan. Lagi, ‘old’ na ta. :)

My Cebu lovies and we’re slowly adding more to this bunch❤

Never got to thank you Chawi, Chipee and Chang for taking me home to Talisay! Layo ra ba…glad we were able to catch up during the drive.:)

I’ll see you in May, girls. Until then…❤

~Regina (Rhea)

Destination: Cebu,Philippines

14 Jan

Cebu will always have a special place in my heart, the city that fashioned a million and one of my fondest childhood memories, the city that taught me to dream. In it’s streets I look for that surge of familiarity but I see nothing, just remnants of my past. The feeling of being a stranger in your own home is indescribable—it’s a bit painful. But seeing the people that I love and the people that I grew up with make up for that sadness I feel every time I go “home”.Clearly, I missed out a lot and I can’t say that I know my “home” anymore but maybe one day, if given the chance Cebu will feel like home again. Maybe.


Here are random photos of my stay in Cebu:

(more photos on Faecbook)

Wine Night at La Vie. They were right, the ambiance is lovely.

Quickly, spot my old Nokia flip phone.:)

Great company—although half the time I was mixing my Cebuano, Tagalog and English. Thanks Gels, Thanks Jau for wine night in Cebu. (and to think I’m supposedly the one from here, right?)

After the crazy traffic, we finally checked in at White Sands. Dinner with Ninang Ofel, Papa Berns and Mama Joy.

Our room for the night

…And by the way Gels, we found your chocolate. CEBU, baby!

Childhood Memories: White Sands

The much needed Rest and Relaxation while waiting for my ride

Being a loner in Cebu while my fiance was studying for his board exams

The new section of White Sands that I haven’t seen before where I spent most of my time swimming—alone. Haha.

Random Sunday Lunch out with the Family at Lantaw. Thanks Mommy and Daddy!

Lami-a uy. 

My Cebu Family (mom’s side): The Tabaquero- Odilaos

The Traditional Philippine Jeep de Pasahero

After Lantaw, we had a side trip to the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod

My grandparents…after more than 50 years they still are the sweetest.

Outside San Pedro Calungsod— Notice the very modern architectural design of this chapel.

First time I got to see my Cebu lovies at Kei and Nino’s Engagement Party.

<Lon, Ating, Dadz, Me, Kei and Kat with the boys Paul and Waning>

Tyns, Bani, Dadz and I—Dinner at Casino Espanol.

When dinner became wine night at Casino Espanol. Nothing beats childhood friends

<Kabs, Tyns, Dadz, Me, Bani and Macho>

Ongoing repairs outside the Cathedral. Praying that they’re done by the time of the wedding.

The inside of the Cathedral on a regular day.

Outside Ayala Center Mall, where we usually hang out on Saturdays. I almost didn’t recognize it, it’s changed so much.

Pagdaong Sa Talisay: Where the Americans docked in 1945 which eventually lead to the freedom of the City of Cebu and the surrender of the Japanese. Funny how the locals treat this place like dirt, so much for Philippine History.


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