Destination: Saigon, Vietnam

August 16-20, 2008

Surprisingly, this was my first International Trip with my grandmother as for Mita Wee and Ate Jems, we’ve travelled to Hong Kong together eons ago. Just missing Mita Bo, Mom and my sisters to officially make this a “Ramas Girls Trip”.

Checked in Hotel Saigon, Kimdo Hotel with Grandmy, Mita Wee and Ate Jemma

Got fascinated with the world map replica in the lobby of the hotel.

Philippines, spotted.

First thing I noticed: Motorcycles- very common mode of transportation in Vietnam

Vietnam Cinema Promotion Posters

Top of the list in our itinerary is to enjoy authentic Vietnamese Pho. Yummy!

Next on our list was to scout the area and do preliminary shopping.

Enjoyed the pool hotel with my forever roomie, ate Jemma.

One of the most distinct and a personal favorite building of mine in Ho Chi Minh, the City Hall.


War Remnants Museum

It was raining as we were about to enter the museum and they were conveniently selling thin rain coats for $1

The Next 3 Photos are a few of the most vivid images of the Vietnam War; truly inhuman and heart wrenching.

The Girl in the Picture: The Story of Kim Phuc (must-read book)

Rocking the Viet Cong hat at the souvenir shop

We passed by this forest before we went to see the the Cu Chi Tunnels


Cu Chi War History Museum

I’ma perfect fit for the Vietcong Spider Hole

Dining/ Kitchen Area in the Cu Chi Tunnels

Walking through part of the Cu Chi Tunnels

Ate Jemma and I coming out of one of the tunnels

Grandmy washing her hands from the bamboo water spout

Enjoying complimentary tea after the Cu Chi Tunnel Tour

This is how the Vietcongs dressed like

Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

Happy to have heard mass in Vietnamese

I think this was supposedly a candid shot taken by Ate Jems

We clearly are fond of street food.

Enjoying the Pandan Waffles (banh kep la dura) that Grandmy bought.


Sharing a short clip of one of the highlights of this trip, going down the Vietcong Spider Hole.



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