Destination: Solvang, California

DAY TRIP:   Sunday was ” spend time with the family” day…so after the mass Ivy and I went separate ways and I went with my family to Solvang, California—a beautiful quaint danish town. Solvang was a 2-hour drive from  El Segundo but that town was sooo worth it. Mita Bo, Mita Wee, Grandmy, Tita Rose, Tito Sonny and I had fun just going around and taking pictures. It was actually fun bonding with the Ramas girls. I felt like I was in a totally different city and country for that matter. Plus the people were very nice—they say hi, how are you and start random conversations. really. Sure, I’ve gotten used to that here in Houston but still it was kind of a mixture of eerie and nice. Haha…

Cottages, Windmills, Clock Tower—What happend to Hollywood and the excessive array of retail stores? Instead what I saw were a bunch of bakeries, patisseries and mini bookstores, shops that sold little trinkets and souvenirs—this town was very simple and laid back but beautiful. If any one of you remembers the opening scene in the Beauty and the Beast cartoon where they sang the “Bonjour!” song, thats how the place looked like—fountains, cobblestones and such. We had lunch at the Solvang Restaurant and we tried their “ableskiver” (danish pancakes)…it might have been overrated…i’m saying ‘might’ coz I

liked it and the rest of my family just thought it was an “okay”.

We’re in Solvang indeed
Ramas Girls (we’re missing a whole bunch)
Windmill Spotted
Mini Clocktower
Local Means of Transportation
Anticipating the Aebleskiver. Grandmy is excited.
Aebleskiver (Danish Pancakes)
Muy Delicioso.
Satisfying our fascination with Vintage and Victorian.
Those cute little wooden shoes

On our way home, we dropped by the Santa Ines Mission Church. It looked like an old Mexican Church and I was actually excited to step in and take a look at its interior and the holy images. I usually look forward to saying my little prayer every single time I visit a new church; too bad they kinda made it into a museum and they were charging people for an admission fee. Seriously? I understand if you wanna ask for donations but charge people to go inside the church to pray?!? I ended up saying my prayer outside the church.

We also passed by the Schumach Casino on our way home and just like in Vegas they ID-ied me. it just wasn’t my thing especially since they didn’t have a non-smoking section. that made me miss Vegas (ehem…sheena, van, jr, klaud and ken..haha). On our way home we dropped by Nordstrom rack and got good deals on my Marc Jacobs sunglasses and Chinese Laundry purse. I think LA is retail heaven.

Btw, here’s a link of my photos featured on TripAdvisor Trip Wow’s page…too bad I’m working on deleting my TravelPod. Too many social networks to manage.

R.I.P Grandmy Emma. I miss you sooo much


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