PROFILE: Angelie and Nicole

Not too bad, considering the fact that they raided my closet. Yes, those are my oversized tops, and belts and shoes and hats…



Nicole and Angelie playing with my make-up kit. Kinda reminded me of my younger years…Haha.


NICOLE VALERIE. The youngest girl of the Ramas(es) and a mini-version of Pauline. A perfect example of ‘Daddy’s Girl’— already very responsible at the age of 8 but she immediately turns into a baby when Papa is around. She’s not the girly-girl type, in fact this is the girliest I’ve seen her. She is very self-sufficient, lean and very head strong; tomboyish you might say, she performs well in Gymnastics and she can make John and Angelie cry in an instant. Ironically, she is the most domesticated one among my siblings; she loves to help out and clean the house— sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, doing the laundry, dusting, washing dishes, folding clothes, you name it. Let’s just put it this way, 2 birthdays ago she asked me to buy her a toy vacuum that could suck dirt as a birthday present. Nicole has a knack for poetry and photography; she takes pictures with content and is already requesting that we buy her a camera for her next birthday. Geez.


SERENE ANGELIE: Little Miss Superstar. Yes, my sister is a triple threat—she can sing, act and dance like crazy even if she hasn’t taken any classes yet. We seriously should get her into one so she can enhance her talents and her passion doesn’t die down. Her dream is to be on Disney Channel and to be famous—haha, I’m not sure if we’re ready for that dream just yet. She’s more into the artsy-fartsy stuff, she is consistently in the honor roll like Ann Marie and Nicole but doesn’t care much for Science or Math. Sometimes it seems like her head is up in the clouds, but its times like those when her creative juices are working—she’s constantly drawing or writing or reading books if you don’t see her doing that then she’s either playing or dressing up. The little girl who always asks me “Ate, is what I’m wearing ok?” or “Can i have your clothes when you don’t want them anymore” or “I wanna travel like you”; I honestly think her personality is closest to mine. She’s another mini-twin of mine. haha..

Meet my Princess Butterfly (nicole) and my Princess Ballerina (angelie). They probably don’t want me to call them that anymore since we made that up 5 years ago. Too bad langgas, you’re stuck with it coz ate will make sure you won’t forget even when we’re old na. I love you my not so little angels.:)


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