Vintage Bickering

Johanna Paulin (16) and Ann Marie (14)

I love my sisters dearly and I know they love me back but I can never figure out the kind of relationship they have with one another…it transcends the ideals of the ‘Love/Hate Relationship’, It’s a whacked out extreme version of it.

This right here (the series of pictures) has captured the true essence of what it is to be a : Paulin and Marie. I’d like to call this series of photos, ‘Silent Bickering’. I’m glad you don’t have to hear the un-muted version of it. This is what I encounter every single day.

Amidst the cat fights, name calling, the shouting, the storming out of rooms, stomping of feet and slamming of doors, I’m not a bit worried about these two…If you’ve been with the Ramas(es) I think you’d know why.

x’s: I’ll be posting more pics in Facebook. Night Houston. Night World.


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