DESTINATION: Dallas, Texas

July 29- August 1, 2011.

Few Pictures from the recent Dallas Trip. More photos on Facebook.

 Thank you to the Alcantaras for accomodating us and for taking us around. Our turn when you come visit Houston!:)

Dallas Pioneer Plaza: Cattle Drive

(TOP: Thrifted, Plato’s Closet/ SKIRT: Vintage/ SHOES: Xappeal, Rack Room Shoes/ BAG: Aldo/ EYEWEAR: Forever 21 $5 / BELT: Forever 21/ EARRINGS: Thrifted $1.50 / BANGLES: Charming Charlie $2.50 on clearance/ BRACELETS: Forever21 )

Outside the Dallas City Hall

A Henry Moore Sculpture…The Dallas Piece

Marie, Me, Mara, Arian, Pauline on top of ‘The Mountain’

Meet the Mountain

Cottage in the City

Details. Details. Details. Dallas Country Criminal Court

Sssshhh…the Quiet Pool

  Calm and Peaceful…So Zen.


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