Boheme Femme

(TOP: Ross / BOTTOM: Culottes from Mommy Babe / BELT: Forever 21/ BAG: from Mita Bo / BANGLE: Vintage from Mommy Babe / BRACELETS: Beals / NECKLACE: Wet Seal/ SHOES: X-Appeal / TURBAN: Forever 21) I’ve always had this thing for turbans but I’ve never figured out a way to flaunt these little things since they always make a ‘mushroom’ […]

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“ME” Time

Packing for New York <excited>, Catching up with my Filipino movies c/o my boss and Drinking my Moscato c/o Jas (thanks manenay!)—-lovely Wednesday night.:) Packing. Packing. Packing SUTTER HOME MOSCATO.Couldn’t fiind a wine glass…this had to do:) Ceramic trahedya mask from Vynna. My Wicked Organizer, my ever purple tissue box from 168(Filipino movies make me […]

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Vynna Turns Silver

 A day of cleansing for me…spiritually and physically. I started my day right by going to confession then met up with the girls at the spa for Part 1 of Vynna’s birthday celebration. Everyone’s been stressed out lately and we haven’t seen each other in the longest time so it was a perfect way to relax […]

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