Vynna Turns Silver

 A day of cleansing for me…spiritually and physically. I started my day right by going to confession then met up with the girls at the spa for Part 1 of Vynna’s birthday celebration. Everyone’s been stressed out lately and we haven’t seen each other in the longest time so it was a perfect way to relax and catch up: over a fruit platter, veggie sticks tray, cheese and crackers, wine, chocolates and hard shell tacos from Taco Bell. We’re weird, I know. Personally, I think Vynna and I got the best service (not like I’ve tried the rest)—but seriously,DETOXIFYING SEAWEED WRAP, try it!!!! A bit pricey but so worth it, Its during these times when I miss the spa prices in the Philippines but I think my body really needed some pampering so I gave in. We parted ways after the spa party and I took a nap. Part 2 didn’t happen till 11-ish when we met up at Wonder Bar and just danced the night away. According to Roxi love, we’ve saturated the Washington Area so we moved to Midtown.  Haha. It’s all good, as long as the company’s good. Happy Birthday Mane, at least no one got wasted this time…or did you? Haha.


Chillin with the birthday girl in our spa robes.

Who doesn’t love girl bonding at the spa?

Wine-d out.


Ramas Siblings: “My so-called twin with facial hair.”

The girls who showed up: Sarah, Ice, the birthday girl Vynna, Roxi, Lua and moi.

Cheers to Vynna.Cheers to 25! Woohoo…

We survived the heat inside! Are we lookin sweaty or what? haha…

Yes! Passenger’s seat. My brother is driving!

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