I Hang Out with a Bunch of Winos

2011 Houston Wine Festival

Wonderful Saturday Afternoon drinking wine with friends in the park while the band was playing… kinda reminded us of the “Peace Era” and the “Hippie Movement” except people weren’t getting high and having sex in public. haha…and we weren’t dressed inappropriately. I must say that Groupon deal was so worth it, $20 bucks for entrance and wine tasting for 5 different wine of your choice. The girls and I agreed that Enoch’s Stomp Sweet Wine made here in Texas is a new favorite of ours…definitely a must-try!!!

2012 Houston Wine Fest…I cannot wait.:)

Feeling the Sex and the City Vibe.

Made it 5-ish, so much for noon.

Mare lovin at the Wine Festival

Sometimes we pretend we’re at Central Park.haha…

Chilled is the way to go.

Wine tasting with the girls…Cheers.


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