Broadway: Memphis

The 1st play on my 2011-2012 Broadway Across America Season Tickets. I don’t mind any “Me-time “when it comes to watching plays especially since I’ve realized that I have a tendency to cry at random times during the play. Hahaha…I am emotional when it comes to Broadway. Oh how I love love love musicals and […]

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Social Rantings of a Little Lady

To be…Prim, Proper and Poise then…. you get shots like these—how horrifying huh? Haha. (Ummm, rhea…tipsy or buzzed???) (‘ya think I open my legs too much???) It’s funny how people get criticized for not giving the appropriate answer or not wearing the appropriate outfit or not reacting the appropriate way…It’s not that you’re INAPPROPRIATE  you’re just […]

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Red Door

….Because Life is Beautiful and that’s always more than enough reason to celebrate.:) What happens behind closed doors….@ Red Door. Sipping Happily Away. I had to post this…haha. The Seductress. Charles, o. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a Fashionista huh, mil? Haha. Peace. G’night girls…there should definitely be a repeat. Mwah! ~Rhea (TOP: Necessary […]

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