Social Rantings of a Little Lady

To be…Prim, Proper and Poise


you get shots like these—how horrifying huh? Haha.

(Ummm, rhea…tipsy or buzzed???)

(‘ya think I open my legs too much???)

It’s funny how people get criticized for not giving the appropriate answer or not wearing the appropriate outfit or not reacting the appropriate way…It’s not that you’re INAPPROPRIATE  you’re just not appropriate enough. The key words are ‘not enough’, therefore you lack something. But What though? I’ve always wondered what THAT was. Was it Class? Breeding? Etiquette? I wasn’t sure.

I wasn’t exactly raised in a family that was crazy over etiquette and table manners, my family’s families were big on those things but I don’t recall mom and pop ever getting mad at us for doing things that were “socially incorrect” and making a big deal out of it like girls whistling when they’re not supposed to or asking for a spoon when the meal was strictly a knife-fork thing. I remember strictly learning proper etiquette and table manners from my H.E teacher, Mdm. Zapanta…from what I remember I aced that subject but that’s coz I memorized it and somehow after the exam stored it at the back of my head(I use it once in awhile). Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying my parents didn’t teach me anything… on the other hand they practically taught me everything that I know of—things like not talking when you’re mouth is full or not singing on the dinner table or not asking for food and waiting for it to be offered instead but see, they’ve never asked me to do things just coz they were socially correct and morally accepted, they’ve always made sure that we understood what we were doing and why we were doing it. It was always between Right or Wrong, and sometimes when its more complicated than that mom says to always go back to the state of your heart; God see’s the state of your heart.

Reality Check: Not everyone can tell the difference between the salad fork, the meat fork and the dessert fork, not everyone knows what to wear when the invite says ‘strictly formal’, not everyone knows which conversations can be carried out in public or which ones to be kept in private, not everyone was raised thesame way. And I think that if we constantly remind ourselves that these things are not the bases of a person’s character then it’ll be easier for us to be less judgemental of others. Don’t hate on someone just coz they’re different from you. Don’t hate on someone just coz they’re not as good as you are. Does that make sense?

(HAT: Ross, $7 / DRESS: Target, $9 on sale / BLAZER: Charlotte Russe, thrifted at $5/ NECKLACE: 168 Philippines/ BANGLES: Forever 21/ SHOES: Franco Fortini, $7 on super sale/ BAG: Vieta)

Necklace from 168 Philippines. Bought it for P100-P150 ($2-$3) 5 years ago.

Vieta Handbag from (from Ninong Gabby’s Giftcard. Thanks Ninong!)

I’m telling you…I honestly think that half the reason why I’m a shoe addict is because my brother works at a shoe store and here are pics to prove it. I’d have to say I’m proud of him—he knows a bargain when he sees one, I love how he’s a bargain shopper like me. Just a few days ago, he bought me these two pairs of shoes for $9.74 with a lil help from good ‘ol discount (the perks of people in retail).

The Receipt

The $7 Franco Fortini Pair

The $8 Limelight Pair

  I might need to get rid of a few pairs of shoes, my closet is running out of space and I’m not even buying stuff anymore. Sheesh. My materialistic half wishes she could get Carrie Bradshaw’s closet from Sex and the City 1, someone build me one please..haha.


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