Slight Jungle Fever

One Thing I am VERY thankful for—My Family.

My grandparents, being able to fly here to Houston for the Holidays, is such a great blessing. After 3 years they finally made it back.

(P.S: It’s their 1st time in the house. The last time they were here they were just standing on an empty lot)

Missing Pop in the picture, he was at work sad

Let the Holiday craze begin…

Thanksgiving is here…woohoo!

…then Christmas then New Years then Valentines…then Marco’s Graduation!

(HEADWRAP: Forever 21, $5.99/ SUNGLASSES: Thrifted, $1/ TOP: No Boundaries, $5/ SWEATER: American Eagle/ LEGGINGS: thrifted from Florida/ BOOTS: Necessary Clothing, $12.99/ PURSE: Forever 21/ EARRINGS: thrifted, 50cents/ RING: Forever 21, $3.99)


A Summery Kind of Winter

(DRESS:Forever 21/ STOCKINGS: Charming Charlie/ SHOES: Xappeal from Rack Room Shoes/ BAG: thrifted at Plato’s Closet, $10/ BRACELETS: Wooden Cuff from the Philippines; Beaded Bracelets from Forever 21/ EARRINGS: from the Philippines/ RINGS: Long gold/cream ring from Forever 21; Ring connector from Charming Charlie/ NECKLACE: Gold Sacred Heart from Marco; Long Elephant from Paulo/ BERET: Forever 21, $5.99/ SCARF: Claire’s, $2 on sale)

Its hard to feel the Christmas season coming when it’s still hot here in Houston….so much for coat layering.

Scarf: Pink, playful and lacey

love the combination of my combat inspired peep-toe heels and my floral stockings.

Off to a family Reunion—My grandparents flew in from the Philippines over the weekend and they’re staying for the holidays. Crazy how its been 3 years since they last visited.

Family Photo courtesy of Michelle Maranon. Thanks Mic.

***On a totally different note, my taste buds are still very Filipino. As we speak I am pigging out on Dried Mangoes, Otap and Rosquillos. Oh and I have a new local favorite next to Curly Tops

….Multirich Cookie Munch. yum.


My Bed and the #11

It’s no bat cave but it’s such a relief to come home to this after a VERY loooonnnngggg day. I would’ve wined it out with my friends but apparently all of them have work and school work, well sleep does sound good right about now (later wine, hello bed) so I guess I’m just seeing the girls for PACQUIAO vs. MARQUEZ on Saturday. Go PACMAN! Proud to be Filipino baby…Woot Woot.

Four things before I retire for the day.

#1. I LOVE my Bed. It is the best bed everrrr…(to me anyway)

#2. I am beyond happy….My Grandparents (Odilaos) are coming to the US to spend all of the holidays with us— Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Finally, after 3 years, they revisit Houston. They haven’t even been to our house, crazy huh? Mommy Babe and Daddy Pakong, hurry up…WE MISS YOU.

#3. I don’t get “11.11.11 Haters” posting “What’s so special about today?” Ummm Okay, today might just be any other day for you but don’t mess it up for people who think that this they day is special for entirely different reasons like luck, religous beliefs, awesome bargain sales or whatever. And just to answer your question— It IS special because how often do you encounter a date of 11.11.11, I thought that was pretty obvious. DUH.

#4. I AM OFFICIALLY GOING HOME! (next year, haha..excited huh?) I already bought my ticket for the Philippines with a stopover at Singapore on the way back to Houston. Counting the days till I see you Marc (Btw, He’s graduating from medschool. I already am so proud of you sweetie!)

Even after this crazy day, I still can say I am blessed. Thank you God.

Night Houston!

When my floor isn’t covered with clothes.

Common maybe, but they’re still my favorite decorative pillows. I’m a bit biased on the Elephants.

They’re mostly good reads but they’re also good book stoppers

Necklaces and such

Cheap frames that I bought outside Central Park during my trip to NY

My Vanity. In need of more masks to fill my wall, I’m accepting donations. haha

That mask accessory holder was a gift from a good friend,Vynna.

Faves from the Philippines—Colorful Wooden Earrings.

The Lack of OC-ness; will fix that later

Hang ’em by color. It’s easier to look for clothes I promise.

In need of more shoe space

Color.Color.Color—Shoes.Shoes. Shoes

Belt details


Rhea has a zebra throne

Cliche…big deal. I share this bathroom with 2 other girls y’know. Besides who doesn’t love Audrey Hepburn.


Wicked Wonderland

Happy Halloween!!! (notice how the dead are in character, haha. Amil Almacen)

Roxi: Black Swan, Vynna: Minnie Mouse, Jessica: Snow White, Me: Black Widow, Amil: Living Dead, Marielle: the Military Chick

My Awesome Couple Friends in their matching costumes…

Vynna and Carl: so Disney!

Charles and Anne: so Greece!…haha

Amil, my dead partner for the night.

Oh, hello there octo-mom! hahaha. Hilarious!

BLACK is the color of our night. Love you pek!

G’night! See me in your dreams..haha