Slight Jungle Fever

One Thing I am VERY thankful for—My Family. My grandparents, being able to fly here to Houston for the Holidays, is such a great blessing. After 3 years they finally made it back. (P.S: It’s their 1st time in the house. The last time they were here they were just standing on an empty lot) […]

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A Summery Kind of Winter

(DRESS:Forever 21/ STOCKINGS: Charming Charlie/ SHOES: Xappeal from Rack Room Shoes/ BAG: thrifted at Plato’s Closet, $10/ BRACELETS: Wooden Cuff from the Philippines; Beaded Bracelets from Forever 21/ EARRINGS: from the Philippines/ RINGS: Long gold/cream ring from Forever 21; Ring connector from Charming Charlie/ NECKLACE: Gold Sacred Heart from Marco; Long Elephant from Paulo/ BERET: […]

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My Bed and the #11

It’s no bat cave but it’s such a relief to come home to this after a VERY loooonnnngggg day. I would’ve wined it out with my friends but apparently all of them have work and school work, well sleep does sound good right about now (later wine, hello bed) so I guess I’m just seeing the girls […]

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Wicked Wonderland

Happy Halloween!!! (notice how the dead are in character, haha. Amil Almacen) Roxi: Black Swan, Vynna: Minnie Mouse, Jessica: Snow White, Me: Black Widow, Amil: Living Dead, Marielle: the Military Chick My Awesome Couple Friends in their matching costumes… Vynna and Carl: so Disney! Charles and Anne: so Greece!…haha Amil, my dead partner for the […]

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