A Summery Kind of Winter

(DRESS:Forever 21/ STOCKINGS: Charming Charlie/ SHOES: Xappeal from Rack Room Shoes/ BAG: thrifted at Plato’s Closet, $10/ BRACELETS: Wooden Cuff from the Philippines; Beaded Bracelets from Forever 21/ EARRINGS: from the Philippines/ RINGS: Long gold/cream ring from Forever 21; Ring connector from Charming Charlie/ NECKLACE: Gold Sacred Heart from Marco; Long Elephant from Paulo/ BERET: Forever 21, $5.99/ SCARF: Claire’s, $2 on sale)

Its hard to feel the Christmas season coming when it’s still hot here in Houston….so much for coat layering.

Scarf: Pink, playful and lacey

love the combination of my combat inspired peep-toe heels and my floral stockings.

Off to a family Reunion—My grandparents flew in from the Philippines over the weekend and they’re staying for the holidays. Crazy how its been 3 years since they last visited.

Family Photo courtesy of Michelle Maranon. Thanks Mic.

***On a totally different note, my taste buds are still very Filipino. As we speak I am pigging out on Dried Mangoes, Otap and Rosquillos. Oh and I have a new local favorite next to Curly Tops

….Multirich Cookie Munch. yum.


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