Slight Jungle Fever

One Thing I am VERY thankful for—My Family.

My grandparents, being able to fly here to Houston for the Holidays, is such a great blessing. After 3 years they finally made it back.

(P.S: It’s their 1st time in the house. The last time they were here they were just standing on an empty lot)

Missing Pop in the picture, he was at work sad

Let the Holiday craze begin…

Thanksgiving is here…woohoo!

…then Christmas then New Years then Valentines…then Marco’s Graduation!

(HEADWRAP: Forever 21, $5.99/ SUNGLASSES: Thrifted, $1/ TOP: No Boundaries, $5/ SWEATER: American Eagle/ LEGGINGS: thrifted from Florida/ BOOTS: Necessary Clothing, $12.99/ PURSE: Forever 21/ EARRINGS: thrifted, 50cents/ RING: Forever 21, $3.99)

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