It’s this Thing called Yuletide Warmth

Snowglobes and the smell of peppermint.

Left angle of the tree. There’s more presents at the right …

Angelie and her Christmas artwork for the family.Awww… you are such a wonderful artist babe.

Adding some Filipino feel to our Christmas Decor—Sinamay Angel with a mini Parol ( traditional Christmas Lantern)

Christmas booze

Mmmmmm…Houston Pecan Pie.

Somebody wanted his picture taken—so he posed. You are such a darling Todd.

As usual, I played Santa and my mini elves helped distrubute the gifts. Yes, we’re rowdy I know. haha.

My Angels loving the animal winter hats I got them and ofcourse their Nintendo 3Ds from the parents.

Hahaha…I was wearing snake skinned pointies for the night and ended up getting Zebra peep-toes from Paulo and fury Leopard wedges from Paulin(e) and Ann Marie. GROWL.

My Grandparents heart Thanks for spending the holidays with us. We missed you like crazy!

My parents heart

Merry Christmas from my family to yours…mwah!

Cheers to 2012…Another year of life and love. Thank you Lord! Enjoy the Holidays y’all.


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