(BLAZER: Forever 21, thrifted at $10/ JUMPSUIT: Material Girl/ SHOES: Charlotte Russe, $10/ BELT: Forever 21/ EARRINGS: from Katsie/ RINGS: H&M/ PURSE: from Mita Bo)

 Ceasar Salad= Rhea trying to be healthy

Ann Almacen, where the heck are you?

Outside Farragos


Vynna and Ice.

Lady Roxi rockin hot pink

Outside Coco’s Crepes

Ayaw pa daw magpasubo..mmm-hmmm

the Classics and the Glitter

Our last stop for drinks. We’re really living up to this pretty Chill Sunday huh?

Cheers to 2012! (shot taken by future professional photographer, Vynna Moncada. =D)

Blog procrastination over the holidays, it never fails! This year was extra crazy, I vowed to skip everything and prioritize my grandparents during their stay here. And so…I skipped my girls too. I’m so sorry my peks but our Sunday Funday after the New Year’s is always more fulfilling that way, right? 01.08.12, a looong (and I mean long) wait after Farragos, crepes and gelato at Coco’s and more drinks at Majorca, the entire afternoon with y’all was not enough to catch up. Don’t worry this 2012, we’ll have more of this.

 A bunch of my entries are actually on hold right now and set on private mode, I’m still contemplating whether or not I should post them…eventually…maybe I will it’s just that the holidays have been sooo kind to me, too kind that I’ve gained sooo much weight. Imagine my lolo cooking Filipino food every SINGLE day, plus the Christmas parties and events one after the other, I don’t think I’ve had time to digest my food. haha.. Not a lot of fashion posts for now either, still inspired but let’s just say my clothes aren’t very flattering right now. Anyhoo, to celebrate this New Year, I’ve decided to revisit “the bangs” , I’m hoping that they’ll notice the new hair instead of me ‘filling up’ in all the wrong places. haha. (I’ll be posting more photos in the next entry).

Btw, I’ve finally joined the instagram bandwagon (Thanks to Karina Cosep and Hessa Gonzales for convincing me to do so). Follow me—rhearamas.

Note to self: Rhea, take out the christmas carols off your playlist PLEASE.


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