Starting the year with a ROARrrrr

Frames borrowed from Stephen Aganan.Geek Chic Attempt.

You think, my outfit was inspired by this ring?

The texture of my wedges is love—stroke it.

(DRESS: Image from Paulo/ WEDGES: 579 from Pauline and Marie/ PURSE: from Veronica/ RINGS: Icing and F21/ BANGLES: Charming Charlie and F21/ NECKLACE: from Paulo/ EARRINGS: from Katsie)

I admit, the everything-animal-print was a bit over kill (fine, it was a LOT over kill) but who cares—they did say the theme for this year was animal print right? So I went all out. I added a playful color to my outfit by painting my nails Hot Pink and using thesame shade on my lips. Around this season, I always tend to sport “the bangs” just coz it’s the only time of the year where it’s not too hot to get it. Coincidentally, the entire outfit is a compilation of Christmas gifts from people who are mostly dear to me, the dress from my brother, the wedges from my sisters, the purse from my ex co-worker and the earrings from my brother’s girlfriend. Yep, my outfit is full of love just like this season (wahaha..cheezy)

Roxi’s oh-so-chic Christmas Tree. I just adore her ornaments.

Our host didn’t miss a thing, even the food presentations.

I thought we were having a feast for animals…everything was too fancy. Haha.


Rhea’s Vintage Casette Iphone and Vynna’s Vintage Camera Iphone

When the beauty junkee decided to share her new MAC shade. Everyone had the same lip color after dinner. Haha

This year’s theme: Come as an “ANIMAL”. roar.

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