Food Trippin at the Rodeo

Texas Livestock and Rodeo Show

…It’s that time of the year when Texans have the right to pig out more than the usual ( as if our food servings aren’t big enough already) and go all out on their cowboy outfits. Where are y’alls cowboy boots?

Some shots taken with my iphone4.

Food trippin

At the petting zoo.

Awww…I’m gonna have my family do this when we all go.

What?! Hand Dipped Bacon in Chocolate?

I don’t think I’d want my bacon dipped in Chocolate moreso have someone hold my bacon. Ewww…

My brother is an Asian cowboy..yeah right.
If Marco was here, we’d be on this ride in a second.

Marc, when you’re here win me a big a** stuff toy ok?

If you drink Borden then you should know Elsie the cow.

Ummm…she doesn’t look as happy as her cartoon.

Jasna and the Llama-a-a-a

Keeping food away from the Llamas, most of them were taller than me..

Petting Zoos are fun, just keep me away from poop.haha

Look who I found…it’s EEYORE!!!!

Tell me why we had to see this in action on the way out.

(yeahhhh, I’m not sure why I took a picture of it either)

Someone’s ready to come out of his shell…

And little chickee is out!

Never miss a chance to get Fried Oreos when you’re at the Rodeo

Finally, met up with my girls.


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