Korean-ified for One Night

Kudos to the Almacens for coming up with a crazy yet feasible theme and kudos to the guests for going all out with their outfits. We were koreans for one night. Haha.

Hessa Isabelle, I hatechu. haha…KOREAN PRINCESS. Enough said.

Apparently, Nikki can rock my geek frames. I can’t.

Dancing to 2N1?!? Hahahaha..

The only people who call me diarRHEA. guh-reat.

Just like in the koreanovelas..sigh.

Ice Ice baby…Me and Ice.

Posh KPOP and Baby KPOP..haha.

Ann, the birthday girl

The bartendress..haha, as usual. Look at those..mmhmmm.haha

Anyong! The only girls who decided not to wear heels.

My Asian Pose–peace out!

And the KPOP party begins…

The Almacen siblings blowing their candles…Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da! (Happy Birthday, duh..haha)

We’re a bunch of KPOP posers, haha..except for one legit one. Guess Who?

I heart the Gonzales(es).

And ofcourse I love the Almacens. (Amil, Ann and Almo). mmmhmm..Rhea, time to sober up. I look wasted.


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