Destination: Oslob, Philippines

May 2-3, 2012: Overnight in Oslob

Ating, Bani, Kei and Dadz—just a few of the girls I’ve known almost my entire life yet ironically this is probably the first trip out of town we’re doing together. Back in college, I rarely came home to Cebu due to my hectic schedule, rehearsals were back to back so I never got to see them. High school was an entirely different story,  The ‘No Sleepover’ Policy was in effect—yes, I had strict parents. I didn’t think the first roadtrip I was taking with the girls, Marco would be tagging along. Sorry sweetie, you’re stuck with us, at least you get to work on your Bisaya and you get to hang out with the girls I grew up with.

My cousin drove me to to Bani’s house in Minglanilla, it felt strange walking into that house after 8 years or so. I can’t believe its been that long. Dadz was already there and we waited for the rest to arrive. Thanks again nak (kei) for picking up Marco, you made it so much more convenient. And atiiinnggg, I missed you. matching tops gyud ta? haha. Terno lagi. Manong Wilson (grabe noy, loyal gyud ha?) brought us to Oslob, but we had a quick and crazy stop at one of the supermarkets to buy ‘supplies’ and Potato Corner. Weeee. Cheese and Sour Cream fries. When we were closer to Ating’s Beach House, we stopped by the mercado to buy dinner, what I’ve been looking forward to the entire day. Finally, puso!

Kei and I waiting for the manang to cook our dinner at the mercado.

We made it to Ating’s place. Ting, nice man siya!

Yeahhh…this means pool party later.

P-U-S-O. (Diamond Rice) I missed  you!!!!

Barbeque sa kilid-kilid

Ating’s Beach House at Night. Isn’t it lovely?

Girl Talk that made Marco squirm tremendously. Yesss..this is what girls talk about. haha…

Dancing. Beer. Night Swimming. Beach. The Girls. —- forgot how awesome Cebu life can be.

Ola, I’m Rhea the Bohemian Negrita

Whale Shark Briefing about to start

Registration.  P300 for Filipinos/ Locals and P500 for Foreigners. Almost got charged more just coz they thought Marco was a foreigner. I had to ask him to speak Filipino and this crazy guy took forever to utter a word. And when he did he had to speak in Ilonggo pa gyud.  Hai, marco!

Others leaving the shore and heading to sea in their bangkas (small outrigger boats)

(I forgot I took a video, haha. I miss you girls)

Dadz and Bani

Kei, Ating and Reg (Me)

First sighting of the whale sharks. According to ating, mura sila’g puppies sa dagat. Haha

We’re actually doing this together sweetie. Checking this off our bucket list.

Upclose with Daniel, the Butanding

One last video with the Butandings. They do look like big Janitor Fishes but ironically I think they’re cute.

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