Another 4th of July

Before anything else, here are a few pictures of our 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION: a.k.a Mom’s Birthday.
Red Velvet Cake. Flowers. Picnic. Family. Fireworks by ‘ the Hill’
….and the entire USA celebrating your birthday mom! Happy Birthday to our very own Lady Liberty..haha.
We love you so much.heart
My Family’s version of Snow White and the seven dwarves
Pop and the seven dwarves
Sibling Lovin: “Catch Ate, she’s falling…”
A few days before the 4th of July celebration, I ended up with a very similar, patriotic red-blue ensemble only difference is I threw in a yellow vintage belt that I got from my grandmy before she passed away. Red-Yellow-Blue…Hahaha…what can I say? I’m proud to be Filipino (although Marco, my fiance, may think otherwise)
(TOP: No Boundaries/ BOTTOM: thrifted from Brangkok Streets/ SANDALS: Milla/ PURSE: Topshop from Karina/ HAT: No Boundaries/ BELT: from Grandmy+/ BANGLES: Forever 21)

One of my ‘bargain buys’ in the streets of Bangkok.
Check out the purse..not the face.haha..

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