Braids: Reliving My School Girl Staple

Ironic how this was supposed to be my last post before flying to the Philippines for a month long vacation (April-May 2012), I was channeling my inner childhood but then the packing went out of hand and last minute stress took over so I never had a chance to post it. Left for Manila with little girl fantasies and came back engaged but without my fiance.haha.. (Okay…there will have to be another post on the engagement, I’m even thinking of making a wedding blog but we’ll see how that goes). As it is, I can’t even keep up with this online journal, just so many things happening, sometimes its so hard to keep up.

 For this look, I just HAD to do braids with this oh-so-schoolgirl vintage outfit just to give it a touch of ‘Regina’ from my gradeschool days at Sacred Heart (for Girls) when that school still existed. You see, I attended an all-girls Chinese Catholic School up until highschool and we were stuck with our white top blouse, below the knee seaweed colored skirt and hair accesories limited to the colors black, white and green.  And just like what my mom’s mom did to her, she made sure most of the time that my hair was neat, tidy and all tied-up and doing braids was one of her specialties. Single Braid, Pigtail Braids, Braid in a bun, Rasta Braids…name it, I’ve done it all. One classmate of mine would even go to the trouble of counting the number of braids on my head (especially during Intramurals) thus the nickname Braidy Bunch, how geeky is that?haha… Today, I try not to sport the pigtail braids coz that manages to knock of a good 5-7 years off my age. We wouldn’t want some 16 or 17 year old guy hitting on us, now would we?

A personal favorite of mine in this look would be the bag, I know its nothing out-of-the ordinary but maybe if I told you that this was the new home of my Canon Eos T1i, Reno, then you would change your mind. I’m no professional photographer but I just LOVE carrying my camera around. For some unknow reason, I have this thing against black velcro camera bags, it’s just so common and very impersonal. I really think that bag designers should look into designing camera bags coz there definitely is a pretty large market for those especially since nowadays practically everyone is investing on professional digital cameras. Amex Rewards Points….you are awesome! This Cosmos Vintage Brown Leather Camera Shoulder Bag was only $60 at but came out practically free because of points. Woohoo…talk about a good buy. There were a bunch of designer camera bags that were to die-for but being practical and all I went with pretty and pretty reasonable. Now, I can carry Reno and it’ll still look like he’s part of my outfit. Yey to not looking like a tourist ALL the time.


(DRESS: Wet Seal/ SHOES: New York, $9.99/CAMERA BAG: Amazon, SOCKS: Wet Seal, HAT: Burlington Coat Factory, $7.99/ ACCESSORIES: Owl earrings and ring set, F21, $5.99; Owl leather band, $2)


‘R’, a little token that I got from my grandmy before she passed away.

Debut-ing my new Vintage Brown Camera Bag.

 ….I feel like all I’m missing is a BIG, Colorful Lollipop.haha.


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