Where My Girls at this Summer?

So this was the first and last time I saw my peks since I arrived from the Philippines and recovered from that crappy virus that I got from God-knows-where (not sure if it was in Cambodia, Thailand or Singapore..yeah it’s been that long).First one to get there yet I couldn’t even stay long due to family obligations, just didn’t think the next time would take forever. Helloooo, it’s summer…where you girls at?!? I miss you! Let’s use our groupons and do our Magic Mike date please.

Outside Japaneiros with the girls for a yosi break before Hessa and Roxi’s birthday dinner. Spot Hessa on the paper bag personally made by our soon-to-be professional photographer. haha..yes Vynna I’m talking to you!

Girls-in-waiting…(for the late comers that is,haha)

Japaneiros New Zealand—-Tempura, Shrimp and Cream Cheese goodness and I didn’t even break into hives or something which made it more awesome.

It took forever to come up with this long table, I’m pretty amazed they didn’t kick us out after moving all over the place. Service was an A+, thank you for bearing with the loud crowd, Japaneiros.

Perfect set-up, I just came from the Philippines for a month and a half stay and it was summer! I come home to Houston and it’s STILL summer..I just hope the heat here in Houston doesn’t kill me.

(TOP: Charlotte Russe/ BOTTOM: Wild Punch/ SHOES: Michael Antonio/ PURSE: Forever 21/ ACCESSORIES: Ring, Sasha; Earrings, from Kim-Singapore; Bracelets, Beals)

 Not sure if it’s just me but I always equate summer with fun and color….lots and lots of color!!! So, I went out and came up with something playful yet decided not to stray to much from my top’s color palette. If you’ve noticed I got the exact shades of my blue bandage skirt, yellow mustard purse and garden green peep-toes from my breezy top. Yes, even when I play with colors I still like to match.I can’t help it but do ‘terno’…haha, o well, some things just don’t change.

Happy Rest of the Summer!


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