LBD Night

After months and months of planning this Little Black Dress Event with the sisters, we finally pushed through with it. We couldn’t have picked a better time—Houston Restaurant Week!!!! Yay! And I’d have to commend  Colombe D’or for being the perfect restaurant to host our little get-together. Seriously…Look them up.

(DRESS: from Mommy Babe/ BELT: w/ the dress/ SHOES: Image, $7/ PURSE: velvet sling, from Mita Bo/ EARRINGS: from Katsie/ BRACELET: pearls, thrifted)

Pearls, Lace and Velvet Rose.

The Floral Belt that came along with the dress

Gold Pointed Heels. Good find from Image.

One of my Favorite Pearl Clip-ons from my brother’s girlfriend.

Happened to pose right above the vent and had to hold my dress at the back, if not—instant Marilyn Monroe effect. Haha.

Summer Salad

Chicken Breast with spinach, sun dried tomatoes in champagne sauce.

Traditional Creme Brulee.

Candid photo of me enjoying my Stuffed Chicken Breast. Delicioso!

Mood Lighting

One of the rooms upstairs. Love the ambiance.

Clock and Candleholders after my own heart

Staircase Photo: One last shot before heading out the Restaurant

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