Donning Flaura

Wedding Plans are still up in the air because of the unique (for a lack of a better word) situation Marco and I have but that didn’t stop me from attending the Houston Wedding Showcase to get some ideas. Ummmm…it wasn’t as grand as the one they had a few months ago so I didn’t really come out fully-inspired but it was another excuse for our long overdue chick-bonding. Surprisingly with not much effort from Ann (our July Bride) in terms of getting us together we all made it in one piece with no excuses—I was the last one to get there. (geez) Amazing, how the unplanned get-togethers come out more organized and less stressful. Thanks for coming up with this, geng.
Floral Head dress

Perfect day to sport my new DIY floral head dress. With a little sales-pitch from Hessa on DIYs, a little bit of my time, extra wire from my DIY bridal hangers, floral tape (I picked brown) and a few artificial flowers from Hobby Lobby I was little miss hippie for the day. I made sure that the head dress was not overly adorned with flowerettes, didn’t want to come out looking like a flower girl instead of a blushing bride-to be, right?

Arm Candy with candy-like colors
(HEAD DRESS: my DIY/ DRESS: lace; Xilhiration/ HEELS: fringed; Qupid/ PURSE: thrifted/ BANGLES:Forver 21 and Shasa)
And ofcourse…here are my lovies ( a bunch of them missing)


Ann (congrats geng!)

Kim K… I mean Hessa. Lol.
Uptown Sushi—Restaurant #3 for me for this year’s Houston Restaurant Week. Nothing beats $20 for a full course meal. I just wish I had decent pictures of my picks, I specifically enjoyed the Edamame Bisque for my appetizer and for dessert the assorted mochi
Running late. We had 2.5 hours left until the end of the Wedding Showcase but ofcourse we took time taking pictures outside.
Brides-to-be with the stand-in grooms
Our Kim Kardashian for the day—Hessa.
The only blush dress we could find…we weren’t too impressed.

My Girls said they’re making me one for the ‘first wedding’.:)
Fab and overly hungry. Guess who’s the hungriest of them all?Haha

After the Wedding Showcase…Back-up Flats Alert: Out with the heels and In with the flats.

Saw a large patch of grass by Discovery Green…Hessa just had to.Hahaha.. How could you not?

Peace Out!


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