Of Theatres and Trolleys

Eversince I found out about this event,I’ve always looked forward to this time of the year (…and No, I’m not talking about Christmas)—the Annual Houston Theatre District Open House  never fails to get me over-the-top excited.

A year after our move to Houston, I decided to put one of my greatest loves on hold and out of sheer bitterness opted to disassociate myself from anything that had to do with it. Treating it like a boyfriend that I just broke up with seemed to help at first; no exposure to plays, musicales, Broadway soundtracks, auditions…I just straight up avoided it. I even went out of my way to make sure that I did NOT travel to New York, even if I was dying to see Broadway and just ‘theatre-hop’ to watch one musical after the other. I was too scared to step in the land of Wicked and Lion King and Phantom of the Opera, I was too scared to envy other people living ‘the dream’ or trying at least, while I was stuck in this so-called ‘rut’. Some things will just have to come first even if it may hurt like hell, sometimes they’re called priorities  and I made that decision to do what I needed to do for now. I think only a few can comprehend the pain of watching an amazing performance, knowing that at one point you were on the right track of doing something similarly beautiful but because of circumstances can’t seem to do so. I am not sure when I will get back to my past’s passion or if I’ll ever have the chance to get back to it but I’ve realized the magic of performance is something too wonderful to give up completely.

So, fast forward to the present—

Today, I had a date with my mom and my sisters to the Theater District Open House. Like last year we were running late and we had to rush from one theatre to the other but I’m glad mama could join us this time. Learning to just embrace whatever the Houston theatre district has to offer took some time , with acceptance I have learned to be comfortable in a theatre seat rather than be on stage. Of course there will always be that little part of me that will long to perform…


Love it when they do excerpts from this season’s musicale selections


Ramas girls with some ancient folks..haha


Waiting for the trolley ride to the other theatres


Set up for the Houston Symphony


Bright lights—view from below


Colorful Brahm’s Beard—tribute to Brahm’s


World Class Houston Symphony Performance—Bravo!

Impeccable choice of musical pieces, Houston Symphony…a perfect teaser for this season’s concerts. A personal favorite of mine was when they did the Jurassic Park Soundtrack, I think I almost cried.Haha. If you close your eyes, you’d really think you were part of the movie or something, it was perfect!!!

Here’s my outfit for the day:

Simple Neutrals dominated the look, I’d like to think I was anticipating fall—a bunch of browns, black and beige and gold here and there to polish the look.


(DRESS: from Jatujak Market, Bangkok/ BELT: thrifted, $.50/ HAT: Claire’s, $10/ WEDGES: Burlington Coat Factory, $7/ CLUTCH: Etienne Aigner, from Mita Bo/ SUNGLASSES: Forever 21,/RING: H&M/ BRACELET: from Camille/ BANGLE: Forever 21 / EARRINGS: thrifted from a subdivision sale, $.50)

Love this antique clutch from my, aunt. Love the smell of leather.

I think I need to tighten that belt and trim those locks.

Close up on the accessory details.

Coral pedis with my ‘Cheap Find’ from Burlington Coat Factory during a trip to Fort Lauderdale,Florida.

This was definitely a nice way to spend a typical Sunday. I’ll catch y’all later..


2 thoughts on “Of Theatres and Trolleys

  1. Elegant at its best.Excellent post.All the best.jalal

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