Pre-Birthday Festivities: The ‘Classic’ Surprise

Every year I try my best to make sure that I celebrate my birthday to the extent of celebrating the entire week or maybe month instead of just that one specific day of the year. I think LIFE is enough reason to celebrate every single day right, what more on that day that you were born. I have a lot of things to be thankful for although I’d have to admit sometimes I forget and complain ( a lot…).  Another reason why I make sure that I have a blast on my birthday is because I know Marco isn’t here to celebrate with me and I try to compensate for the lack of his presence. Our birthdays are exactly a day apart and everytime this time of the year comes around I’m always reminded that he’s far far away and its been like that for 5 years now. Its one these days I’m convinced that LDR sucks BIG TIME.

This year was different for me…I was too tired to plan anything and too broke to travel somewhere (we have to save up for that big day y’know). It was just one of those years when you don’t feel like celebrating your birthday. Some of my friends convinced me that we should do something simple so Mae planned for a birthday dinner tomorrow and Hessa .was nice enough to plan a birthday dinner/clubbing the day after .That was supposedly it until these crazy lovies of mine showed up at my door 2 hours before my actual birthday.

The boys

The girls

So this is how the ‘surprise’ happened…I just finished working out a sweat doing sit ups and all and was meaning to take a bath right after. The shower was waiting for me when my dad decided to call me downstairs for something ‘important’ and ofcourse I was pissed coz I was in the middle of my bath so I quickly grabbed a towel and started heading downstairs , my mom gave me a weird disapproving look. They hate it when we walk around the house with our tapis (Filipino for a single rectangular piece of cloth one wraps around oneself as clothing a.k.a my towel) just coz its improper. Hayyyy we’re at home for crying out loud! So I quickly headed up and grabbed my dirty scrubs from the laundry bin, changed and headed downstairs again more agitated than ever. And out of the blue these crazy friends of mine showed up and started singing ‘ Happy Birthday’ in their ‘vintage’ glory with cake and all.

My knee-jerk reaction: I RAN AND HID! Haha.

I wasn’t made up, not even the least presentable. Talk about grossest Face everrrr! Haha. And mind you Hessa was taking a video. Well, I finally got over it and I finally blew the candles on my cake and thennnnn my cake fell on Vynna’s vintage dress. Crazy I tell you. Ran upstairs took a quick shower and came down and wore a less complicated version of my outfit down below. What can I say? I am loved. Really.

Here’s the original Viva Vintag Glam outfit:

(DRESS: Jatujak Market, Bangkok/ SHOES: Franco Fortini/ TURBAN: Luxury Divas at PURSE: Forever 21/ SUNGLASSES: thrifted/ BELT: from Mita Bo/ ACCESSORIES: RING: Forever 21; EARRINGS: Aldo/ BANGLES: Forever 21)

Bird Details and Pleats look lovely on a neutral color.

Guess which one’s my favorite ring? Haha.

The perks of having your brother work at the shoe store: Franco Fortini Finds for less than $10

The turban was a product of impulse shopping online. I don’t regret it though.

Happy Birthday to me. This is going to be one heck of a year, I believe.


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