On-the-day Festivities: Birthday Dinner at the Blue Nile

The dreaded day—I’m officially 26. Yikes.

Yet again and again there are a lot of things to be thankful for. Blessed to have lived 26 wonderful years on this earth and today not only marks my 26th birth anniversary, it also marks my 2-year anniversary at my work place. Blessed to have such wonderful bosses that appreciate me and a house (literally) to call as my workplace. I must say, I think I work for the best people in Houston—a raise, a wonderful La Madeleine Lunch and let’s not forget the oh-so-yummy Sacher torte. Maybe I am a bit spoiled…this thing that I’m doing ain’t a theatrical performing job but who’s complaining, I think my patients love me. Let’s just say they didn’t forget my birthday. Awww…

Presents from the boss.

Delectably sinful.

Came home to more wonderful surprises.. I love you Jose Marco Julian Jacinto Ruiz de Luzuriaga Mendezona. You actually sent me real flowers and they made it on the day too!!!

My first ever long distance flowers

Funny how the handwriting kinda looks like yours, sweetie.

Yes mom, I will never ever get tired of accessories, nagmana ata ako kay Mommy Babe. Haha..Thanks for loving me everyday even with my pangit and not-so pangit ugali. I love you love you love you and every single person in this insanely BIG family of ours. We don’t need to celebrate my birthday anymore, in our family everyday is like a party—woohoo!

Dinner Pictures from Blue Nile:

Let’s see how Ethiopian food tastes like.

Ang Peg: Beauty and the Beast. Haha.

Look who’s in town all the way from Seattle—Cholson. And ofcourse Mae the Birthday Dinner Planner and one of the sweetest people I know.

The early birds: Jas and Chris. I missed you both, haven’t seen you in awhile.

Paolo, Claudia and the newly ‘inducted’ Dela Cruz—Lucia.

Finally, I get to meet Maria’s fiance, Bo.

Ethiopian Food.

Even the intricate details of the cake are vintage-inspired.

Don’t you just love this part of the dinner? I do.

What I wore that day:

slight change with the earrings and hair tied up.


(DRESS: Rue 21/ SHOES: Wet Seal/ PURSE: Vieta at Amazon.com/ BELT: from Mita Bo/ EARRINGS: thrifted/ RING: Forever 21/ CUFF: Icing)


That Red Vintage Lace Dress.


A touch of Gold on the Details—my all time favorite.


Criss cross strap heels are sexy except for that big toe sticking out. Haha.


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