Post Birthday Festivities: Rock the Color Block

Maybe I am a bit fond of themed parties…okay, maybe a ‘bit fond’ is an understatement. I ENJOY THEME PARTIES and I can’t believe I just noticed it now. Talk about denial (haha). I don’t know , I think that it’s just more fun that way plus it tickles your creativity right? I’m blessed to have crazy friends who are down for anything. This last minute dinner plan was very very very last minute but I pushed my luck and just told everyone to show up in color block which everyone did. Awww… aren’t you guys the sweetest. I’m enjoying every single moment of this. Although I hate to admit it, the motive was kind of selfish coz I just purchased a few items from urbanog and I’ve been dying to wear them so I had everyone color block too. Surprisingly no one said no, it’s either they were looking for reasons to shop and I just gave them one or they were just nice enough to tolerate my birthday request (haha), either ways when they showed up at Sambuca that night they were rockin the color block.

Btw, I apologize in advance for the bad quality of the pictures. We were in a hurry.

(BODYSUIT: Urbanog, $15.30 / SKIRT: Ross, $7.99/ CLUTCH: SM Department Store/ EARRINGS: Cebu, Philippines/ SHOES: Urbanog/ RING: Sasha/ CUFF: Icing)

I’ve had this clutch for 8 years now, still good as new.

My First Ever Heel Less Shoes (To the heel less shoes haters, don’t hate coz I just bought them to satisfy my curiousity, haha).  I won’t lie though, I had fun wearing them and they were very comfortable.

The front view of my bodysuit.

The back view of my bodysuit.

Girl Talk

Blowing my Birthday Dessert. Happy Birthday to Me!

So Red Door was obviosuly packed….

Me and Muyi. I want the skirt mane, hubad! haha. Glad you showed up.

Quite fashionable are we boys? Red pants and all.

Vynna Hawk Nguyen..haha, I’m kidding mane. I love you hot stuff!

Roxi and her YSL purse. I want it!!!!

***Shout out to Hessa for planning the night and making the reservations. I love you mane! Face the camera, gorgeous.


2 thoughts on “Post Birthday Festivities: Rock the Color Block

    1. That’s so sweet. Thanks angie! I appreciate it much especially since I’ve only made this blog official less than a month ago. Just visited yours as well and I’ll definitely be visiting it once in a while to get some inspirations. You have a great blog going on…Keep in touch. I’ll be seeing you here and chictopia!


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