Birthday Thanks (Delayed Much?)

Having too much fun opening my presents (and to think it was a week after my birthday)

Tada…Here’s every single one of them.

Thanks to…

Everyone who greeted me through text, calls and social networks.

My Big Crazy Family for a relaxing day at the park and for the accessories.

Pauline and Marie for another ring to add to my collection and for making me feel like I’m the best Ate in the world.

  My fiance, Marco for the flowers with ‘long distance’ love from the Philippines( Sweetie, you’re the sweetest! Thanks tito Mari for helping him out)

My crazy peks and non-peks (the boys) for surprising me at home…vintage theme, fallen cake and Vegas planning.

My SFC friends for the Ethiopian Dinner at Blue Nile. Thanks Mae for planning it!

My lovies for the color blocking themed dinner at Sambuca and for a crazy night at Red Door. Shout out to Hessa!

My boss, the Abayas, for the La Madeleine’s Sacher Torte Cake (ayayay…to die for), lunch from there as well and the skin products.

Odalis for the surprise chocolate cake.

Hessa for the vintage DIY accessory plate. (you know me too well)

Roxi for the cuffs that  I love so much and the vintage pocket mirror.

Vynna for the wedding planner organizer.

Muyi for another bottle of wine that I can’t wait to try.

Mae (and Cholson) for the vintage lace decorated cake, the light up bling ring, party hats and my birthday pin.

Paolo and Lucia for the scarf and purse.

Claudia for the holy family ornament.

Maria and Bo for the Panera Bread gift card.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!


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