Destination: Las Vegas, Nevada

October 18 – 22, 2012

Day 1: October 18, 2012 (Thursday)

Worked the usual 6:45 am-3:45 pm shift and anxiously went home to finish packing. This has never happened to me…last minute packing, I mean. Call me exaggerated but I normally pack 3 weeks before my domestic flights here in the US, 2 weeks for domestic flights in the Philippines and at least a month before for international flights. It’s just a system that I’ve adapted to, plus I try to travel light: travel size toiletries, minimal makeup, limited clothing pieces and foot wear that can easily mix and match. Crunch time, 4:30 pm, is when I discovered my inner Speedy Gonzales, I successfully packed my belongings and ran into some nerve-wrecking waiting period. My brother, Paulo, the person who was taking me to the airport also took awhile to get home from work. We rushed to Hobby Airport and due to Paulo’s exceptional speeding and overtaking skills a.k.a undiagnosed road rage, we made it in good time.

Recent Developments: I wasn’t  travelling alone, I found out that I was on thesame flight with the Almacens and Charles. Oh, joy! The flight was packed and Southwest having the ‘first to check-in comes first’ policy, we didn’t get to sit together but were lucky enough to have seats. They were actually asking willing volunteers to give up their slots coz that particular flight was too packed, with the promise that they were getting on the first flight out to Vegas (which was only a few hours difference from ours), free 4-star hotel acommodation for the night and $300. Ann and I almost went for it. Haha. Since we didn’t, unlucky for us, we were stuck with a bunch of rowdy, boisterous, ignorant 21-ers (turning 21) who made sure we were all up the entire flight. Ugh. Um, excuse me… Vegas may give you an excuse to get drunk, but it doesn’t give you an excuse to be such total morons and be rude.

Wide awake, thanks to the rowdy bunch up front.

Touchdown Vegas.

Our welcoming commitee consisting of Eric, Stephen and Mark was there. We parted ways; the Almacens dropped me off at my hotel to settle down and an hour later my roomies (Muyi and Ice) headed out to Vdara (the boys place coz they be ballin) for pre-gaming. It was raining alcohol already. Haha

Ballers Bed. I’m a hater. haha.

A photo of all of us, thanks to my handy-dandy canon EOS remote.

Getting there. Haha

The boys have a fancy bathtub…guh-reat.

Ann, Muyi, Eric, Me and Ice

Headed out to the Casino at the Cosmopolitan after pre-game. Penny slots are the way to go!

Day 2: October 19, 2012 (Friday)

The 4th roomie (Vynna) flew in today, and as soon as she walked in those doors we knew it was time to get up and get dressed. Of course we couldn’t help but do a little bit of girl talk in between the back and forth restroom trips to grab make up, get dressed and what not. We had a bit of trouble deciding where to eat but being the the Jollibee-deprived Houstonians we are (not for long…can’t wait till Jollibee opens in Kirby) we definitely ended up with Jollibee, baby! We are such FOBs I tell you.

In our search for the closest taxi cab stand and spanx (I am to be blamed for the latter one) we ended up in some mall where Cotton On had a humongous sale. Seriously $5 sheer tops, $5 dresses, $2 purses, $5-$7 shoes, if only there wasn’t a lot of them waiting I think I would’ve taken my time but I was just grateful that they accommodated my need to indulge in this retail madness (plus Cotton On can only be found in some select areas in Houston) believe me no sale like this could ever be found there in H-town. My friends ended up buying some stuff too, how can you not? Haha. In 3-4 separate cabs, we went to The Forum Shops at Ceasar’s and mostly did some drinking and retail therapy. I’d have to say they have one of the most awesome H&M’s I’ve seen so far and thank God I came out overwhelmed; we gave up looking for some stuff to buy and visited Fat Tuesdays where Amil treated us out to some big a** gelo shots, I’m not kidding. After our alcohol appetizers, we all went back to our own hotels and started our more-than-an-hour-long girly ritual of putting on make up, styling our hair and changing outfits and changing some more and changing back to our original outfits… ayay, you get the picture. Fashionably late for Stephen’s Birthday Dinner at Sirio, pre-gaming and camwhoring at the Almacen’s room at the Cosmopolitan and then clubbing at Marquee. Shout out to Kim for VIP entrance! woot woot!

Thank you God for this wonderful invention called Chicken Joy and Pinoy Spaghetti. Haha

Had to have a picture outside Jollibee. Uber FOB.

A supposed candid pic waiting for the cabs.


Always been fascinated with this Louis Vuitton display. Definitely one of my faves.

And here’s a more classic one.

The Humongous H&M store that got us crazy.

Fat Tuesday gelo shots on Amil. You the Man, mil. Thanks.

Dinner for Stephen’s Birthday at Sirio.



Woohoo, Dirty South at Marquee!

Day 3: October 20, 2012 (Saturday)

Woke up to a call saying that my line got cut off, I’m not gonna lie, I admit I got stressed coz I didn’t know how I was gonna keep in touch with everyone if we all got separated at a club or something plus I wasn’t sure how I was going to ‘google’ my way around Vegas, or communicate with the people I’m supposed to meet up with, or viber or skype with Marco and call someone just in case of emergencies so yes, I was stressed early morning and that wasn’t such a  a nice way to start my day on vacation. So what better way to de-stress than to work out, right? I have amazing girlfriends who agreed to lose everything we gained from yesterday’s eating and alcohol rendezvous by working out half the morning. Muyi was an exception of course; she’s stick thin, in fact she’s been trying to gain weight. I know we’re on a break but, if it’s gonna be like this everyday then I don’t mind paying constant visits to the gym while I’m on vacation. True enough after we got dressed we headed out and tried the Bellagio Buffett, I think we only paid $30 for the buffet with unlimited mimosas. We were probably there 3-4 hours, hahaha, talk about making the most of what we paid for. Cheers to the much needed catching up and girl talk. I so love my roomies. After the buffet, we checked out the most current display at the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. That, I believe, should be on your must-see list every time you visit Vegas, it just doesn’t get old. This time around they had a mini-orchestra set up in the middle, playing classical music. How lovely.

Right after, that we walked around the strip. I always enjoy being a tourist with my big camera hanging on my shoulder. Took a video of the Dancing Bellagio fountains (obviously they look better at night but I’m not complaining), passed by the gondolas at the Venetian and took pictures and walked all the way down to Treasure Island to make it to the 7:00pm freebie show—Sirens of T.I. After the show, we went back to the hotel and it was dress up time again. I’m not going to indulge in the stressful details prior to going out but I ended up having a great night. Pre-game at Cosmopolitan again, ended up taking an accidental Hummer Limo ride (best 15 minutes everrrr) and VIP entrance at Tryst and XS on a Saturday. Will it get any better than this? Btw, thanks to Cheska and Sherryl for meeting up with me at the club even if it was just a few minutes. I’m pretty sure you girls enjoyed your night too.

Starting our day right—work out.

Having fun at the Bellagio Botanical Gardens

Gigantic Mardigras Beads.

Showing some roomie love.

Vynna’s opera spot. Hahaha…

Vegas at night.

Treasure Island

Sirens of T.I

Hummer Ride

The crew outside Tryst heading to XS

My Hot Chicas


XS packed

Day 4: October 21, 2012 ( Sunday)

One thing I try to never compensate when I’m traveling is Church Day, it’s that one day that you allot for God. When you come to think of it, it’s not even the entire day you’re giving him, it’s just a measly hour so I made a decision to go to church especially since I was in Sin City. Dressed up and took a cab to the closest church which was the Guardian Angel Cathedral, I was a few minutes early for the 12:30 mass so I was taking pictures outside. A random tito offered to take my picture and asked who I was with, I said I was just visiting with my friends and I decided to go to church coz it was a Sunday. He was so amazed that someone my age took the time to go to church during vacation alone, he wanted to introduce me to his wife. Hahaha.. I guess he had this notion that people in Vegas who are my age only drink and party. Not true.

After mass I met up with my friends at Border Grill, Mandalay Bay for brunch…we’ve been drinking alcohol everyday. WTH. Took separate cabs to our hotels since we had separate plans for the night, the Almacens were going to watch Cirque de Soleil and the girls and I opted for a Burlesque show, God knows that wasn’t a burlesque show, it was a freakin tittie fest. We were so appalled and probably slightly embarrassed to be there that none of us even checked in on Facebook. Haha..yep, that’s a once in a life time experience. Not happening again. Met up with Sheena before the show for dinner at Dal Toro and met up with her again after the show at XS with Aiko and the rest. I’m so glad that Roxi came with me; we just danced the night away..pole to pole, baby. Haha. Thanks so much sik!!! VIP entrance, table service and everything. Catching up with an old friend over dinner at clubbin is so much fun.

Outside Guardian Angel Cathedral before mass.

Inside the cathedral.

Mandalay Beach, we’re doing you next time.

I made it! I still have food.

Waiting for a cab. Arms forward raise.

Paris. Paris.

Day 5: October 22, 2012 ( Monday)

Last day in Vegas and we could not avoid the last day drama. Haha.

One last buffet at Wicked Spoon  for the ‘buffetnians’. Can I just say our manong server spoiled us, unlimited alcohol for the last time. We also visited Seafood City for last minute pasalubongs from Jollibee and Red Ribbon, we then picked up our bags from the hotel and headed to the airport. Till next time Vegas.

Outside Wicked Spoon, our last buffet for this trip.

Went to get seconds and came back to this. haha..ewan ko sayo Roxi.

Oo, na terno na yung cuff ko sa utensils. Gawin bang napkin holder. Laughtrip.

If you only knew what was happening here.

I want my own Red Ribbon Shop.

We bought the entire Jollibee.

McCarran Airport: Waiting for boarding time. Somebody…haha

My Vegas plane mate forever, Ann.

Why, hi there Houston.

Hobby Airport: Houston, we’ve just landed.


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