Some Things Never Get Old

Almost there….2nd to the last person to get there. Apparently Claudia topped me. Haha.

Was running late and got stuck in that unpredictable Houston traffic. And I thought it was jus the weather that was unpredictable.

Some of my first friends ever here in Houston. It’s been 5 years ladies.

Christie, Mae and that awesome chocolate-alcoholic drink that I didn’t get coz I chose my usual white wine.

Most fashionable doctor I know. Dr. Ona.

Whew, I almost came in fur too…

Found rolls without shrimps. Yay! I’m not risking my allergies tonight.

Obviously happy with my selection.

The birthday girl, Christie, and her favorite on the menu. Btw, she says there’s a way to eat this and she will gladly tell you how. Haha.

Oh, just the usual girl thing…taking banyo shots.

You know those type of friends that you don’t see for years and years, but when you do it’s like no years have passed..I’m very blessed to have found a bunch of those here in Houston. I can’t believe the last time I celebrated Christie’s birthday was in this same exact restaurant a few years ago and that was when I came back from my 7-month stay in the Philippines. Nothings changed…maybe we’re all older, slimmer but definitely the warmth and the friendship is still thesame, maybe even better.

What I wore to Rattan Bistro:

(TOP: Sheer, Cotton On, $5/ LEGGINGS: Synthetic leather, Wet Seal/ SHOES: Qupid/ PURSE: from Africa/ NECKLACE: <matching with earrings>, from Mommy Babe, Philippines/ BRACELETS: Studded leather, F21; Saint Bracelet, Las Vegas; Chain Studs; from Katsie, Buffalo Exchange/ RING: H&M)

Looking a bit slim thanks to my loose top on fitted leggings.

Fell in love with white and black contrast of the front and back


New addition to my arm candy from Katsie; she thrifted it from Buffalo Exchange.

Cheap Finds for $7 at the West Oaks Mall

I’ll be getting more of these from Africa…one day. I love the beaded sling.


…I’m hoping the black with a dab of orange here and there didn’t throw you off, It’s NOT Halloween inspired mind you. Haha. Catch you later Houston!



And This Is How You Do a Pyjama Party

“I  cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of  friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life  a lot more fun…”

Charles R. Swindoll

Seems like we just can’t get enough of each other (haha) that’s why a Thanksgiving party with these people is rightly due. I have to admit that you guys have given me something to look forward to during the weekends (and even on the weekdays sometimes), other than my usual inconsistent Skype dates with Marco. And thanks to you, I am actually learning to enjoy life in a less rigid way, still learning to be carefree as we speak; all of you are my walking stress-relievers. It’s been proven–y’all are not just for the good times. Thanks my dearest(s).


Because we went all out on preparations

An all-girls picture before the rest gets here, or else there will be crowding. Of that I am sure. Haha

Hot Momma: Vynna and her mommy duties.

Terno forever….sheesh you boys are too much

Spot the not…there’s two of them. Haha

Our lovely host(ess). Thanks for having us dear.

Amil, Paulo, Katsie and Roxi

Fluffy Friends

Paulo and Katsie

Nikki getting comfortable

with my loves Vynna and Hessa

If you could just read our SMS conversation prior to the party, it’ll get you laughing. I’m telling you when all of us are lazy we can be an indecisive bunch. No theme was set for the night, we just thought that would be over the top so I assumed to come in a semi-cocktail dress for a Thanksgiving Dinner would suffice. And then we got that “you can bring your pyjamas and comforter” text from Roxi. All it meant was ‘anyone who has had too much to drink can sleep over’ but of course it was misread as ‘ we’re having a pyjama party’ and that’s where the confusion all began. In the end, we all decided that we wanted to be comfortable and that dressing up would be a waste of outfit since we’re not going out anyway so sleepwear for the night it is. That didn’t stop all of us from adding up little quirks to our outfits. Haha. FAKEERRRSSSSS. Yeah right, as if we all sleep like this—Falsies, Pearls, Beanies and Minnie Mouse Ears. Hai, we’re too much for our own sake. I’m not complaining though, not at all…

Happy Post Thanksgiving!

x’s: More photos up in Facebook!


Here’s a little clip from the party. Yey to karaokes and being Filipino..haha.

Winter Print Fusion

Winter 2009 Throwback: Checkered on Animal Print

This style is not necessarily trending this season if you’re one of those anal fashionistas who strictly abide with what the runway brings us this Fall/Winter but hey…you have to stick with what works for you right?

(HAT: Charlotte Russe/ COAT: Philippines; ukay-ukay P50/ LEGGINGS: Heb, $3/ SHOES: gift from Pauline and Marie/ DRESS: Old Navy/ ACCESSORIES: Earrings and Necklace: gift from mom; Rings: Owl, Charlotte Russe and Rustic ring gift from Veronica/ PURSE: Jatujak Market, Bangkok, Thailand)

I love the Large Bow detail on this woven hat, a  different take on Fall-Winter head gear instead of the usual bonnets and beanies.

Accessories: Necklace and Rings

Accessories: Rings and Bracelets

Another Jatujak-Find (Bangkok, Thailand). My ‘pop’ of color for this outfit.

Mixed Prints

Still considerably a very hot November.Now coat off.


Besides, trending or not I think I can say that I was somewhat inspired by Ralph Lauren’s Fall/ Winter 2012 Runway Collection with a less masculine and more jungle fever take on it. Haha.

Ralph-Lauren-Fall-Winter-2012-Collection-1Photo credits:


The Vintage Photo Aftermath

Gathering all the members of a family of 9 has never been an easy task especially when the older ones have their own schedule and the younger ones are….well, young (haha) always out and about. A week ago while doing some grocery shopping, they had a stand there offering family portrait promos for $13.00 and the theme was of course a personal favorite of mine—Vintage. How convenient right, since we’ve always considered having one of those sepia vintage photos done but never had the time to do so, So I decided to grab a slip and I signed up my family for one of those photo sessions and if it sucks then at least it’s not a lot of money put to waste. I just didn’t know if everyone could free their schedule for this. Talking to my dad made the whole process simple, he imposed that everyone be available for that day. And so it happened…

Scheduled for December 14th to see the print-out of the photos. Eep. Let’s see how that goes…

In the meantime, we decided to have some little photo fun of our own in mi cuarto (kwarto in Filipino) , exclusive for girls. Here are some of those pics…see more in Facebook.

I know…we got it mixed up. It should be see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Whatever. Haha.

The Pillow Connection

This is what happens when you have a remote for your SLR camera (or self-timer, even)…




Okay, enough of me, Pauline and Marie.

The Complete Ramas Sisters

Ramas Girls Complete

The Complete Ramas Sisters with Mom, haha.

(She refused to fit in and had to wear orange)

And it started to get rowdy in my little room

Love you mum!

I guess I’ll never understand the concept of sibling rivalry or how some people can’t stand their siblings. I mean sure they can be annoying at times (just to put it mildly) and yes we may fight a lot and most of the time they do put me through a lot of crap but these are people I cannot live without. Seriously!

Definitely good girl-bonding before “Kuya Marco steals me” as my sister, Ann Marie would like to put it.

(Don’t worry too much, Marc, its just a joke. I love you my gwapo fiance)


Rave Party Like No Other

What a way to celebrate your birthday Jas, Dillon Francis rocked Stereol Live! Haven’t rave-partied in years and I can’t seem to recall it ever being this fun!

Video Credit: pistdrunk69

Pardon the hanging tie-dyed shirt… just trying to fit in. Haha.( I had to google rave outfit pictures, mind you coz the girls put the pressure on) and this was all I could come up last minute. YOYO—You’re only young once, when I’m a lot older and married I won’t get to wear these sorts of things so let’s just leave that be, shall we?

The Girls outside Stereo Live. Excited Much!

With Amil before heading in to the Rave Party

  No this (Vynna in her fluffy tutu and pink flower) isn’t the Birthday Girl.

This (Roxi in her gold mid-knee boots and fur jacket) isn’t the birthday girl either..

…here she is! Happy Birthday Jas:)

My Brother and his Kpop Vest.

The Brother’s girfriend, Katsie. You’re too tall uy!


And here comes the phone pics, I had to leave my SLR cam, Reno, in the car.


That pretty much sums up the entire night…the photos do not even justify a quarter of the craziness that went on while we were there. If Dillon Francis ends up in your city, it’s a definite must-go party. An amazing way to start my ‘Thanksgiving Day’ with some people that I am truly thankful for. Love you guys!