Some Things Never Get Old

Almost there….2nd to the last person to get there. Apparently Claudia topped me. Haha. Was running late and got stuck in that unpredictable Houston traffic. And I thought it was jus the weather that was unpredictable. Some of my first friends ever here in Houston. It’s been 5 years ladies. Christie, Mae and that awesome […]

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Winter Print Fusion

Winter 2009 Throwback: Checkered on Animal Print This style is not necessarily trending this season if you’re one of those anal fashionistas who strictly abide with what the runway brings us this Fall/Winter but hey…you have to stick with what works for you right? (HAT: Charlotte Russe/ COAT: Philippines; ukay-ukay P50/ LEGGINGS: Heb, $3/ SHOES: […]

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The Vintage Photo Aftermath

Gathering all the members of a family of 9 has never been an easy task especially when the older ones have their own schedule and the younger ones are….well, young (haha) always out and about. A week ago while doing some grocery shopping, they had a stand there offering family portrait promos for $13.00 and […]

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Rave Party Like No Other

What a way to celebrate your birthday Jas, Dillon Francis rocked Stereol Live! Haven’t rave-partied in years and I can’t seem to recall it ever being this fun! Video Credit: pistdrunk69 Pardon the hanging tie-dyed shirt… just trying to fit in. Haha.( I had to google rave outfit pictures, mind you coz the girls put […]

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Gone are those Jean Urban Myths

Here’s my “not-too-happy-to wear-jeans face”… (BEANIE: Forever 21/ SWEATER: Mossimo/ TANK TOP: Factory2u/ JEANS: Wet Seal/ BOOTS: Rack Room Shoes/ ACCESSORIES: Scarf: thrifted/ BRACELET: Stud Cuff-Forever 21; Saints Bracelet-Las Vegas/ RING: Icing) My Locks are officially long. Yeahhhh! There was a time when 20 pairs of jeans or so were gathering cobwebs in my closet thanks to some cock […]

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The ‘Dress’ Preference

REALIZATION: After numerous times of having to reply ” Thanks, but it’s a dress” to comments like “Nice top” or “Cute Skirt” in some of my posts, I have come to a conclusion that I have a thing for dresses that look like separates. I do find mixing and matching enjoyable but let’s face it, […]

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