Ghoulish Tendencies

Halloween came in weird this time of the year, it’s right swak in the middle of the week. Usually we go party on the weekend closest to Halloween, but it was hard to call this year. I honestly didn’t think my friends and I would do something to celebrate since the pre-Halloween weekend everyone was busy with their own thing, it’s a good thing someone named Hessa (ehem)  made last minute efforts to plan a costume party at the Almacens.

This is what I love about my girls (and yes the guys too…) when you say it’s a theme party, you know it’s going down and I’m not surprised that this girl named Hessa (ehem again) pulled it off. Haha..She went all out on all the Halloween DIYs, other than her DIY costume, I definitely had fun with the DIY photobooth, my personal favorite (Thanks Alamacen boys and Papa Charles for setting it up). Party sponsored by Tony’s Grill and Deep Eddy Vodka if you know what I mean, shout out to the Almacens for hosting. I actually had another costume party to go to but the latter part was girl talk and you know how that goes, I had to put my girlfriends first. Sorry Ran, Rad, Jo, Iyah, Katsie and Pau.

2011: Mourning Widow to 2012: Corpse Bride

Finished product of my last minute costume. I didn’t purchase anything this year.

Watch me enjoy the DIY photobooth…

Girls camwhoring…first takers on the photobooth.

With the pirate lovers..haha. My brother Paulo and his girlfriend Katsie

With the man with no pants…Hahaha.

With the Obamas.

Magic Mark..I mean magic Mike.

Mr. Penguin and the Corpse Bride

Red Head alert. Hessa with her DIY Poison Ivy costume and Roxi as Cleopatra from Mars

My afro perv.

Third wheeling..schoolgirl and Jake

Me, Nikki, Vynna, Ann, Hessa and Roxi

Vynna and those tranny lashes that I love

Excuse me, corrupting minors ka..haha. Didn’t get to take a photo with you

Most of it sponsored by Tony’s Grill. Haha

Reminiscing Vegas. AMFs FTW.

Deep Eddy Vodka girls.

Announcing the Best in Costume Award…

…and the winner is. Cleopatra and Magic Mike.

Closing shots

Next year Roxi will have to be Storm. haha.

That pretty much wraps up our post-Halloween party, more (and I mean moreeeee) pictures on Facebook.



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