I think I gave a “Semi-Yes to the Dress”

Vintage Finds at Beatniks (other than the wedding dress)

#1. Black textured purse for $3.75

#2. Sheer Colonial Dress for $5.00

(that I ended up using for Halloween night to dress up as Wednesday Addams)

#3. Striped casual Boyfriend Top for $5.00

Okay, it’s no secret that I want my wedding to somewhat be vintage-inspired and I prefer to take vintage as an inspiration rather than a theme because for some reason when someone says “theme” I get this picture where people have to dress up for the wedding like it’s all pretend; more of imposed if I might say and I don’t like that. I just think naturally, every person has a bit of vintage in them and when you slowly bring it out into the open and you feel stimulated to do something creative with it then that’s when it becomes an inspiration. Besides, I’ve had this conversation with Mita Bo and we truly think it’s best to stick with Classics. Another thing is vintage doesn’t get old, how can it when it’s already old to begin with. Fast forward 50 years from now, I don’t want my kid to be looking at my wedding pictures asking me why I was dressed up like a Moroccan princess or an Egyptian goddess, you know what I mean.

So back to the dress…

As soon as I got engaged and I brought up this wedding ‘inspiration’ with my aunt, she immediately advised me to start checking out thrift stores and antique shops here in Houston. Mita Bo, having lived here in Texas for a number of years, knew of the interesting finds the Southerners had to offer so she just told me to go ahead and look around, something I didn’t do right away. And then a few months after, Hessa texted…

I had her reserve it right away and Beatniks was nice enough to hold it for me. Maria was very accommodating and I can’t believe their store was closing down for now, if I only knew of the close down sale earlier, I would’ve told more friends to go. They had a pretty versatile selection of vintage pieces that was like 50%-75% off and I was trying to hold back especially from the $5 rack. I had to remind myself that I was there for the dress and the dress only…but I gave in by a bit so 3 additional pieces went into the plastic bag (those were the vintage finds I posted on top). But the dress…oh my, it went beyond my expectations. It was a bit snug but I told myself I still have a year and a half to lose an inch or so and besides I just came back from vacation.The best part about this purchase other than the dress being in perfect shape with all the details and the box being well-preserved and intact was it was a steal for its price. I’m not gonna divulge how much it cost me just coz it’ll sound so tacky but let’s just say it was way less than $100; whether or not I decide to wear the wedding dress on the Big Day this vintage find was really worth it even as a keepsake. So here it is. ..

Of course I will not be posting a picture of me wearing the dress because that’s a wedding no-no but I’m too excited to not talk about it so I just took a few shots of the wedding dress details.

“My Wedding Gown”…how original. haha

Fell in love with this vintage box. I’m glad it’s still intact.

Sleeve Details.

Buttoned-up lace.

With a little tweaking here and there and maybe a little bit of bead-work this dress might actually work. Can’t wait!


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