The Higher Ranks

Never in my life have I been a man (or should I say woman) of few words. People close to my heart know for a fact that always and always I will have that urge to vent out and let that ball of negativity out of my system through my mouth ; if my stress isn’t relieved through cleaning or crying it will definitely have to be through talking or screaming ( …and some more talking). Blogging has also been a very convenient tool to let out any frustrations or anger but mind you, I do avoid ranting too much on social networks; to an extreme it is very cowardly.  Just this morning I almost fell victim to this pet peeve of mine, I must say I am quite frank as a person yet it takes a while for me to get to that level where I can be in-your-face direct to the point. You’d think by dropping hints some people would actually get what you’re trying to say, right? Apparently some of them are just oblivious.

Admittedly, I have been working on myself for a while now and I am unsure if there are any notable improvements but I am determined to learn to be ‘the greater person’ in every situation. IT IS A STRUGGLE, I tell you. This morning on Facebook, I almost updated my status with something that wasn’t too nice, it was indirect but ofcourse it was obviously meant for someone. I almost clicked on that Post button and it took every ounce of my strength to delete it and just let it go. You almost made me cave in…but I’m sorry, I don’t plan to stoop down to your level. And thesocialtumbleweed being my blog and all, can I just say one semi-mean thing…

Keep compensating for your insecurities, I think it might actually be working coz it’s definitely less evident than before. But I tell you envy is such a vicious cycle, I suggest you find happiness within yourself first and that goes for everyone including myself. (just my two-cents on people who can never be happy for others). So that’s it…I’ve said my piece. I hope that wasn’t too much of a rant, if it was then I guess I failed to be ‘the greater person’ this time around, huh? Maybe next time.

Anyway, here is my polished version of the military look that I wore to church yesterday. You can say I was ‘rockin’ at choir during mass in all my studded glory. Haha. This is quite different than the usual army green ensemble of fatigues, uniforms, anoraks and camous. In fact the military look is only evident on the small details; notice the shoulder pads exhibit a fashionable version of an epaulette (a type of ornamental shoulder piece or decoration used as insignia of rank by armed forces and other organizations), the studs (evident all over my outfit, haha) and the buttons on my shoes resemble that of a buttoned militray jacket.

(DRESS: West Oaks, $10/ SHOES: Burlington, Coat Factory/ PURSE: from Roxi/ BRACELETS: Saint Bracelet from Guardian Angel Cathedral in Las Vegas, Studded Cuff from F21, Silver Bangles from Mom/ SUNGLASSES: F21/ EARRINGS: West Houston Bazaar/ RING: Charming Charlie)

Shoulder Details

Minimalistic Arm Candy

Studs. Studs and more studs.

No stress putting it on or taking it off, there are zippers at the back. Haha.

The military look doesn’t have to be all out rugged…


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