The ‘Dress’ Preference

REALIZATION: After numerous times of having to reply ” Thanks, but it’s a dress” to comments like “Nice top” or “Cute Skirt” in some of my posts, I have come to a conclusion that I have a thing for dresses that look like separates. I do find mixing and matching enjoyable but let’s face it, we all have our lazy days where we just want to slip on a dress, cinch a belt around that waist and voila…you’re ready to go. Plus, these type of dresses are convenient and are space-savers when packing, that is why they are my go to staple every time I travel.

Those “separates-looking” dresses in my closet, here are some of them.

Outfit of the Day:

And that is a dress…not a tank top and a pencil skirt separate.

(DRESS: purchased from West Oaks Mall, $10/ BELT: 5,7,9/ BLAZER: Bangkok, Thailand/ WEDGES: Rack Room Shoes/ SUNGLASSES: thrifted, $1/ EARRINGS: thrifted, $.50/ BRACELETS: Forever 21, Our Guardian Angel Souvenir Shop,Las Vegas/ RINGS: Forever 21/ BAG: H&M)

Outfit Details. Touches of Gold.

Another way I express my religion, through my arm candy.

Birthday Purchase from H&M during my last trip to New York

Shoe Breakdown at Rack Room and I ended up buying these.


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