Gone are those Jean Urban Myths

Here’s my “not-too-happy-to wear-jeans face”…

(BEANIE: Forever 21/ SWEATER: Mossimo/ TANK TOP: Factory2u/ JEANS: Wet Seal/ BOOTS: Rack Room Shoes/ ACCESSORIES: Scarf: thrifted/ BRACELET: Stud Cuff-Forever 21; Saints Bracelet-Las Vegas/ RING: Icing)

My Locks are officially long. Yeahhhh!

There was a time when 20 pairs of jeans or so were gathering cobwebs in my closet thanks to some cock and bull article that I read in a fashion magazine from the Philippines. I wish I could remember the specifics of that article but what I do remember is that it made so much impact on me, it preyed on my insecurities to the point that I actually believed that wearing jeans all the time (skinny jeans to be exact) could (1) increase my hair follicles and make me hairy(er) and (2) increase my stretch marks. I think my brain took that crazy article seriously coz I slowly unconsciously started minimizing my ‘jean-usage’ the past few years, which explains why you always see me in skirts and dresses and if not leggings but very seldom denim jeans.

Now my fiance, since adding those two letters (MD) after his name, somewhat feels that he is obliged to make sure that I can tell the difference between actual medical facts and medical fallacies. I get it now sweetie…dripping hair after taking a bath does not necessarily get you sick, having sweat dry up especially in the back does not necessarily get you sick, lying down after eating does not necessarily cause heart burns, drinking hot lemonade or scotch or whiskey does not cure the cold..believe me I looked some of these up. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ‘jeans theory’ has no truth to it, yet again isn’t it easier to be on the safe side? But since no medical relevance has be found, what’s the point of wasting a good pair of jeans, or several even. And if there is any truth to that article that I read, my answer to that is…bring on the jeans, bring on the stretch marks and thank God for laser hair removal. Haha. No one’s perfect.


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