Rave Party Like No Other

What a way to celebrate your birthday Jas, Dillon Francis rocked Stereol Live! Haven’t rave-partied in years and I can’t seem to recall it ever being this fun!

Video Credit: pistdrunk69

Pardon the hanging tie-dyed shirt… just trying to fit in. Haha.( I had to google rave outfit pictures, mind you coz the girls put the pressure on) and this was all I could come up last minute. YOYO—You’re only young once, when I’m a lot older and married I won’t get to wear these sorts of things so let’s just leave that be, shall we?

The Girls outside Stereo Live. Excited Much!

With Amil before heading in to the Rave Party

  No this (Vynna in her fluffy tutu and pink flower) isn’t the Birthday Girl.

This (Roxi in her gold mid-knee boots and fur jacket) isn’t the birthday girl either..

…here she is! Happy Birthday Jas:)

My Brother and his Kpop Vest.

The Brother’s girfriend, Katsie. You’re too tall uy!


And here comes the phone pics, I had to leave my SLR cam, Reno, in the car.


That pretty much sums up the entire night…the photos do not even justify a quarter of the craziness that went on while we were there. If Dillon Francis ends up in your city, it’s a definite must-go party. An amazing way to start my ‘Thanksgiving Day’ with some people that I am truly thankful for. Love you guys!


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