The Vintage Photo Aftermath

Gathering all the members of a family of 9 has never been an easy task especially when the older ones have their own schedule and the younger ones are….well, young (haha) always out and about. A week ago while doing some grocery shopping, they had a stand there offering family portrait promos for $13.00 and the theme was of course a personal favorite of mine—Vintage. How convenient right, since we’ve always considered having one of those sepia vintage photos done but never had the time to do so, So I decided to grab a slip and I signed up my family for one of those photo sessions and if it sucks then at least it’s not a lot of money put to waste. I just didn’t know if everyone could free their schedule for this. Talking to my dad made the whole process simple, he imposed that everyone be available for that day. And so it happened…

Scheduled for December 14th to see the print-out of the photos. Eep. Let’s see how that goes…

In the meantime, we decided to have some little photo fun of our own in mi cuarto (kwarto in Filipino) , exclusive for girls. Here are some of those pics…see more in Facebook.

I know…we got it mixed up. It should be see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Whatever. Haha.

The Pillow Connection

This is what happens when you have a remote for your SLR camera (or self-timer, even)…




Okay, enough of me, Pauline and Marie.

The Complete Ramas Sisters

Ramas Girls Complete

The Complete Ramas Sisters with Mom, haha.

(She refused to fit in and had to wear orange)

And it started to get rowdy in my little room

Love you mum!

I guess I’ll never understand the concept of sibling rivalry or how some people can’t stand their siblings. I mean sure they can be annoying at times (just to put it mildly) and yes we may fight a lot and most of the time they do put me through a lot of crap but these are people I cannot live without. Seriously!

Definitely good girl-bonding before “Kuya Marco steals me” as my sister, Ann Marie would like to put it.

(Don’t worry too much, Marc, its just a joke. I love you my gwapo fiance)


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