Winter Print Fusion

Winter 2009 Throwback: Checkered on Animal Print

This style is not necessarily trending this season if you’re one of those anal fashionistas who strictly abide with what the runway brings us this Fall/Winter but hey…you have to stick with what works for you right?

(HAT: Charlotte Russe/ COAT: Philippines; ukay-ukay P50/ LEGGINGS: Heb, $3/ SHOES: gift from Pauline and Marie/ DRESS: Old Navy/ ACCESSORIES: Earrings and Necklace: gift from mom; Rings: Owl, Charlotte Russe and Rustic ring gift from Veronica/ PURSE: Jatujak Market, Bangkok, Thailand)

I love the Large Bow detail on this woven hat, a  different take on Fall-Winter head gear instead of the usual bonnets and beanies.

Accessories: Necklace and Rings

Accessories: Rings and Bracelets

Another Jatujak-Find (Bangkok, Thailand). My ‘pop’ of color for this outfit.

Mixed Prints

Still considerably a very hot November.Now coat off.


Besides, trending or not I think I can say that I was somewhat inspired by Ralph Lauren’s Fall/ Winter 2012 Runway Collection with a less masculine and more jungle fever take on it. Haha.

Ralph-Lauren-Fall-Winter-2012-Collection-1Photo credits:


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