Fur on Lace

Short update post on Marie’s Birthday before 2013.  Enjoy! The sisters with the birthday girl Marie at Sweet City Centre. Hot Choco and French Macaroons for me.:) The Quirays The Estacios The Dipasupils (well soon-to be Josie Dipasupil…yihee, haha) Moi with the less sensationalized PINK VELVET CAKE at Ruggles Green City Centre My brother and his…Wait, what […]

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Less Class More Craze

Another late catch-up post: Woke up Christmas Morning and was excited to use some of my Christmas gifts…clutch from Vynna, peacock ring from Paulo and my Burberry perfume from Mom and Pop. Feeling a little bit playful with my outfit, I decided to forgo my classic crisp slacks and opted for these printed jeans. Crazy […]

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The David Crockett Hat

This post will seemingly be a late post and I’m not surprised if you’ll be reading this entry by the new year. Old habits, die hard but I should be working on it..it is a start of 2013 after all which gives me enough reason to do so.  But then again, we say that every year, don’t […]

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1 of 2: Tacky Christmas Sweater

First Party of the Night. Didn’t have time to make a super tacky Christmas sweater, I’m sticking to my sister’s pink cozy holiday one A little against the light Off to the Tacky Christmas Sweater Party (HAT: Claires/ SWEATER: Pauline’s/ SKIRT: Forever 21/ SOCKS: Wet Seal/ BOOTS: Dolce Vita/ BRACELET: Buffalo Exchange, from Katsie) Fit for […]

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2 of 2: Going for Glam

Second Christmas Party of the night…from Tacky Christmas Sweater to Glam Dress up , the themes being in the extremes did not help my very tight schedule and so I had my brother, Paulo drive while I tried  dressing up in the car. Paulo rushing as I was struggling to zip up my back was not funny at all, […]

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The Mayans say it’s the end of the world today…I guess not since I’m still scanning and posting photos of my family as we speak. Darn, that cd copy is taking forever for them to mail. Well, whether or not the Mayans were right I think we shouldn’t wait until the end of the world to do […]

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Less is More

Katsie’s last night in Houston and we had a small despedida dinner at Genghi’s Grill—yesss, Mongolian food, I feel like it’s been forever since I last had that. A hint of domestication: laundry bin and pots spotted..haha. I conjured up my own recipe and it turned out perfectly fine. Mmmm… Katsie and the Ramases Supposedly a […]

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