Fur on Lace

Short update post on Marie’s Birthday before 2013.  Enjoy!

The sisters with the birthday girl Marie at Sweet City Centre. Hot Choco and French Macaroons for me.:)

The Quirays

The Estacios

The Dipasupils (well soon-to be Josie Dipasupil…yihee, haha)

Moi with the less sensationalized PINK VELVET CAKE at Ruggles Green City Centre

My brother and his…Wait, what did he get again?

Rach, Me and Marie. Happy Birthday Again!!!

What I wore to City Centre:

(TOP: lace, Wet Seal/ JEANS: Wet Seal/ VEST: Fur, Charlotte Russe, $10 on sale/ PURSE: Urban Expression, from Pauline and Marie/ SHOES: Unlisted/ ACCESORIES: Sunglasses: Shasa/ Earrings: from Roxi/ Rings: mask and frog from Paulo)

Cold Front in Houston, bring out the fur.

Long tresses keep me warm

Pop of color to brighten this not-so-bright day

Soooo…I started wearing watches again.

Accessory details

What my dad bought me a few years back. So Random.



Less Class More Craze

Another late catch-up post:

Woke up Christmas Morning and was excited to use some of my Christmas gifts…clutch from Vynna, peacock ring from Paulo and my Burberry perfume from Mom and Pop. Feeling a little bit playful with my outfit, I decided to forgo my classic crisp slacks and opted for these printed jeans. Crazy pants for the crazy holidays.

(BLOUSE: sheer, chiffon, Wet Seal/ TANKTOP: Philippines/ PANTS: Wet Seal, 5 for $20/ SHOES: Faux Snakeskin, Wet Seal/ PURSE: Spiked, Animal Print, Clutch, from Vynna/ ACCESSORIES: Earrings: Aldo, 2 pairs for $5/ Bracelet: leather, studded, F21/ Bangles: thrifted, $5/ RING: from Paulo)

An outfit for Christmas Morn

Giving classic ensembles an edge

Double-purpose accessory: My Forever 21 belt made into a bow tie

Hello, my self-defense clutch.

These pants somewhat remind me of the  Baroque Era. One of my good buys from Wet Seal during a 5 for $20 sale. Yay for $4 printed jeans.

Go-to faux snake skin heels.

Alexander McQueen inspired spiked clutch from Vynna, one of my favorite Christmas presents. Thanks mane!


The David Crockett Hat

This post will seemingly be a late post and I’m not surprised if you’ll be reading this entry by the new year. Old habits, die hard but I should be working on it..it is a start of 2013 after all which gives me enough reason to do so.  But then again, we say that every year, don’t we? Haha. The irony.

Seldom does the winter breeze pass by in my side of town (or city if I might say), so when it does all the coats and the fur in my closet come out. Today the weather was just right and I still have lots of last minute shopping to do. You see, I don’t only have to do Christmas shopping for myself, yearly (until the kids are older) I get assigned with helping my younger siblings shop for the people in our family and let’s not forget there’s 10 of us (including Todd, the family dog). Preferably, I shop all throughout the year and so when the Holiday comes all I have to do is finish up on those people on the list that I missed out and just wrap the gifts. And done.

Not this year..it’s the 23rd and I’m still up and about making my way around First Colony with the rest of the world and it’s last minute shoppers. Ho ho ho…

(CAP: Coonskin, Denver/ ANORAK: Wet Seal/ TANK TOP: No Boundaries/ JEGGINGS: Wet Seal/ WEDGES: faux fur, 5,7,9; from Pauline and Marie/ PURSE: Miley Cyrus, from Roxi/ SUNGLASSES: Shasa, $2.00 on sale/ ACCESSORIES: NECKLACE: from Paulo; RING: H&M; BRACELETS: Dream, BCBG; Studded, Forever 21)

The wedges,I got from my sisters last Christmas. They hang out with me while I Christmas shop and watch me drool over stuff I want to get myself ( but can’t since it’s the season of giving) and they get it for me anyway. They are the sweetest.

Pre-shopping pose.

Closer view of the hat and the sunnies. I actually got the coonskin cap for someone but I wanted to keep it for myself and so I ended up not giving it. Bad,I know.

A new add-on to the arm candy: DREAM. I only started wearing it when I gave out the 2 other ones to Roxi and Ann.

Rarely Rugged.

Anyhow, to those similarly last-minute shoppers out there who are still confused and are deciding what to get—as David Crockett would say: ” If it feels right—go ahead”. ( Sheesh, I hope American Historians won’ take what I said as a mockery of his patriotism) Yeah, I kind of got curious on how these coonskin caps came about and ended up reading a whole lot on Davey Crockett. See, fashion is educational–if you let it.

Enjoy the holidays. I’ll catch you later (eventually, haha). Merry Christmas and have a Blessed New Year!


1 of 2: Tacky Christmas Sweater

First Party of the Night.

Didn’t have time to make a super tacky Christmas sweater, I’m sticking to my sister’s pink cozy holiday one

A little against the light

Off to the Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

(HAT: Claires/ SWEATER: Pauline’s/ SKIRT: Forever 21/ SOCKS: Wet Seal/ BOOTS: Dolce Vita/ BRACELET: Buffalo Exchange, from Katsie)

Fit for the breeze


Target finds. Love.

SLR babies

Someone got her sweater on too. Such a cutie…

Merry Christmas girls.:)

You guys are too cute…Tacky Christmas Sweater Couple #1

Couple #2: The Quirays

Couple #3 in full ‘tacky’ force..haha. Francis and Kathleen

Couple #4? haha. Rach and Mae, rockin their red tacky home made sweaters

Norson happy with his White Elephant. Watch someone steal it.

Future June Brides.

Sister love. Claudia

Merry Christmas from SFC-FFL Houston!

2 of 2: Going for Glam

Second Christmas Party of the night…from Tacky Christmas Sweater to Glam Dress up , the themes being in the extremes did not help my very tight schedule and so I had my brother, Paulo drive while I tried  dressing up in the car. Paulo rushing as I was struggling to zip up my back was not funny at all, I was all over the place. What’s worst was my Christmas presents weren’t even wrapped yet, it’s a good thing I had good ‘ol gift bags and wrapping tissue with me. As soon as I got there, I said my hellos, went back to the car and started sticking my gifts in the bags. Ughhhh…I barely had time to put make up on so I did the usual eyeliner, lipstick and I ended up borrowing a blush bronzer from Nikki.  So much for going for glam huh? This was the most unglamorous I’ve ever felt ever since the time I got the flu. Geez.

Usually, we have our holiday gathering after the Holidays, like an all-in-one Christmas/New Year celebration but this time the circumstances were different. A lot of us were leaving H-town behind, not for vacation but indefinitely. In fact, Elaine didn’t make it to this one coz she’s scheduled to leave for tomorrow (If I’m not mistaken) for the Philippines. Eric is leaving for LA and Hessa is leaving for the Philippines as well. 2013 will definitely need some getting use to, I can’t imagine Houston without these lovies of mine. <sigh> On to better things, I guess.

Cheers to love and this crazy, wacked-up, out of this world friendship of ours.

My peks.

…and the Boys.

What Roxi got the boys….1..2…3. Haha. Figure it out!

And the DIY Queen, Hessa comes bearing personalized gifts.

DIY personalized Rave Bras. Bring on the next rave party…Wohoo. Thanks, Hess!

Ice and the only guy who calls me Diarrhea, leaving early.

Admit it, you miss Stephen. Some bromance going on. Haha

The best glam party has SMORESSSSS!!!!

Paulo—the doggie nanny.They just love him.

Twinnies for the night—-Jasna and Vynna.

…and here’s my twinnie for the night. Hessa and I mastering the art of the anorexic pose.

Mmmm…hmmmm. Prom-ing it much?

The ones leaving us behind having a mini-photoshoot. Haha.

On the floor

Can’t get over how the boys are looking good tonight

Out in the cold for some yosi break…not that I smoke.

Hanging out with Stephen…more like hanging on to Stephen. Come back already!!!

My gift-haul. Thanks lovies! Mwah Mwah Mwah!

And Merry Christmas!