To Engage and Be Engaged

‘Tis the season to be BUSY. Fa la la la la la la… Oh, December you came too soon.

Ironic, how just a month ago I was complaining to my fiance that he barely has time to talk to me because of his medical internship and so not to notice the lack of Skype and Viber dates, I decided to keep my schedule busy. Aside from the Monday to Friday work, I had Zumba classes, daily mass, voice lessons, theatre volunteer work, choir practice not to mention the standard daily chore of cleaning the house and laundry on weekends. Oh let’s not forget it’s the Christmas Season so Christmas parties have started here and there and so here I am—sick as a dog.

Before I continue blabbing about the rundown of my day, here’s my outfit for Today’s festivities..

(BLAZER: Rue 21/ TANK TOP: Factory2u/ JEANS: Shasa, $9.99/ SHOES: Necessary Clothing/ CLUTCH: Etienne Aigner/ ACCESSORIES: Bracelets:Forever 21/ Necklace: from Paulo/ Headband: Forever 21)

Leather Clutch Favorite

Bright Nails to go along with the Bright Pants

Oxfords: going for a slightly masculine look paired with my denim boyfriend blazer


6AM: Headed to Sterling McCall Toyota to have my car serviced; just the usual maintenance…apparently I didn’t need it just yet. So much for waking up early. They did check the air and pressure in my tires, at least a consolation for the unnecessary sleep deprivation.

9AM: Headed to Hobby Theatre for my Volunteer Training. Finally! After 2 years of constantly dropping my email address and other information during the Annual Theatre Open District, they finally sent me an email  to schedule my training so I could start doing volunteer work at the theatre. I could die out of delight. Heck, If right now I can’t be onstage performing or in the backstage handling actors, costumes and props, then House management it is for now. People have to start somewhere…and one of the most notable Theatre Icons in UP (Dulaang UP) History, Sir Tony Mabesa is definitely living proof. The perks of this volunteer work is I get to watch Broadway plays for FREE. Earlier, at the start of the year, I was disappointed that I didn’t get to purchase my season tickets but I guess things happen for a reason—a few months fast forward, I got called for volunteer training, trained and toured the Hobby Theatre. Now I get to work and train as a house staff and I get to watch as many plays as I want (with ushering work before and after the play ofcourse)…it all worked out after all.

1PM: Chores..chores..chores. Laundry Day (and when I say Laundry Day, you have to remember that it’s a week worth of clothes for 9 people)

10PM: The other highlight of my day—Jo and Rad’s Engagement. I am so honored to witness this. Tried my best not to tear up but unfortunately I failed. Haha. I am such a sucker for love stories and happy ever afters. Congratulations you two and oh yeah, Happy Birthday Jo and Happy House Blessing.

And she said YES!!!!

Unofficial photo from Reno on the DIY photobooth Iyah slaved for

The Lovebirds: Katsie and Paulo

Katsie too tall…me on my tippy toes

Ramas Sibling Love

Happy to be Engaged.

Almost twinnies, huh.

Filipino Style Tagay

And here’s the engagement clip taken with my SLR, Reno…

<sigh> Love in the Air.

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