2 of 2: Going for Glam

Second Christmas Party of the night…from Tacky Christmas Sweater to Glam Dress up , the themes being in the extremes did not help my very tight schedule and so I had my brother, Paulo drive while I tried  dressing up in the car. Paulo rushing as I was struggling to zip up my back was not funny at all, I was all over the place. What’s worst was my Christmas presents weren’t even wrapped yet, it’s a good thing I had good ‘ol gift bags and wrapping tissue with me. As soon as I got there, I said my hellos, went back to the car and started sticking my gifts in the bags. Ughhhh…I barely had time to put make up on so I did the usual eyeliner, lipstick and I ended up borrowing a blush bronzer from Nikki.  So much for going for glam huh? This was the most unglamorous I’ve ever felt ever since the time I got the flu. Geez.

Usually, we have our holiday gathering after the Holidays, like an all-in-one Christmas/New Year celebration but this time the circumstances were different. A lot of us were leaving H-town behind, not for vacation but indefinitely. In fact, Elaine didn’t make it to this one coz she’s scheduled to leave for tomorrow (If I’m not mistaken) for the Philippines. Eric is leaving for LA and Hessa is leaving for the Philippines as well. 2013 will definitely need some getting use to, I can’t imagine Houston without these lovies of mine. <sigh> On to better things, I guess.

Cheers to love and this crazy, wacked-up, out of this world friendship of ours.

My peks.

…and the Boys.

What Roxi got the boys….1..2…3. Haha. Figure it out!

And the DIY Queen, Hessa comes bearing personalized gifts.

DIY personalized Rave Bras. Bring on the next rave party…Wohoo. Thanks, Hess!

Ice and the only guy who calls me Diarrhea, leaving early.

Admit it, you miss Stephen. Some bromance going on. Haha

The best glam party has SMORESSSSS!!!!

Paulo—the doggie nanny.They just love him.

Twinnies for the night—-Jasna and Vynna.

…and here’s my twinnie for the night. Hessa and I mastering the art of the anorexic pose.

Mmmm…hmmmm. Prom-ing it much?

The ones leaving us behind having a mini-photoshoot. Haha.

On the floor

Can’t get over how the boys are looking good tonight

Out in the cold for some yosi break…not that I smoke.

Hanging out with Stephen…more like hanging on to Stephen. Come back already!!!

My gift-haul. Thanks lovies! Mwah Mwah Mwah!

And Merry Christmas!


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