Less Class More Craze

Another late catch-up post:

Woke up Christmas Morning and was excited to use some of my Christmas gifts…clutch from Vynna, peacock ring from Paulo and my Burberry perfume from Mom and Pop. Feeling a little bit playful with my outfit, I decided to forgo my classic crisp slacks and opted for these printed jeans. Crazy pants for the crazy holidays.

(BLOUSE: sheer, chiffon, Wet Seal/ TANKTOP: Philippines/ PANTS: Wet Seal, 5 for $20/ SHOES: Faux Snakeskin, Wet Seal/ PURSE: Spiked, Animal Print, Clutch, from Vynna/ ACCESSORIES: Earrings: Aldo, 2 pairs for $5/ Bracelet: leather, studded, F21/ Bangles: thrifted, $5/ RING: from Paulo)

An outfit for Christmas Morn

Giving classic ensembles an edge

Double-purpose accessory: My Forever 21 belt made into a bow tie

Hello, my self-defense clutch.

These pants somewhat remind me of the  Baroque Era. One of my good buys from Wet Seal during a 5 for $20 sale. Yay for $4 printed jeans.

Go-to faux snake skin heels.

Alexander McQueen inspired spiked clutch from Vynna, one of my favorite Christmas presents. Thanks mane!


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