Sun Is Up

(HAT: No Boundaries/ TOP: thrifted/ JEANS: Material Girl/ SHOES: X-appeal/ACCESSORIES: NECKLACE: from Mom/ SUNGLASSES: Forever 21/ CUFF: Icing/ PURSE: Miley Cyrus, from Roxi/ BRACELETS: studded, Forever 21; Saints from Vegas/ RING: Forever 21, from Paulo and Katsie)

The sun is my chill pill

Beachwave locks

All out rugged

Military Inspired Peep-toes

Ranting about the Houston weather is nothing new on this blog and today’s outfit post is a celebration coz the sun is out! After a week and a half long cold front, Houston gets to have a 2-day break from this craziness. Once this weekend is over, the rain clouds are moving in <sigh> The cold gets me lazy and the rain gets me gloomy…I am hopelessly an islander. Can someone take me back to the Philippines where I can sunbathe and just be a beach bum. For now the best I can do is put a pathetic straw hat on. Haha.

Btw, I have a million and one updates pending—from DIYs to wedding updates to my new favorite yema recipe. Crossing my fingers..hopefully I get to it this week. Have an awesome week guys!



What the Three Kings Brought Me

(HAT: Claires/ SWEATER: from Ariana/ JEANS: printed floral, Wet Seal, $4/ WEDGES: PURSE: Urban Expression, from Pauline and Marie/ SUNGLASSES: Shasa, $2/ EARRINGS: from Roxi/ RING: Forever 21)

Sunday Outfit

Don’t be fooled by the sun, it was still really cold.

One of the coziest sweaters ever. Thanks again Ice.:)

Side Details. Fell in love with the printed jeans’ vintage floral pattern and the old world color palette.

I need a new pair of these. I use them all the time, they’re so worn out already.


Today, after my choral duties at the 9 am mass, I was officially asked to be one of the cantors for St. Angela Merici and although I was a bit hesitant, I mustered enough courage to say YES. Thank you God for allowing me to be of service to others through singing. I guess the three kings did bring me something today. Cheers to facing new challenges and responsibilities. Here we go, 2013….

Oh, and Happy Three Kings!