The Art of Being Attractively Unattractive

(HAT: Ross/ CARDIGAN: Animal Print; No Boundaries/ DRESS: Folded and Hung Philippines, from Mita Wee/ SHOES: Dolce Vita for Target/ PURSE: Miley Cyrus; from Roxi/ FRAMES: oversized; Icing/ NECKLACE: Philippines; from Mommy Babe/ BANGLES: Forever 21/ WATCH: Skagen, from Marco/RINGS: Owl from F21, Frog from Paulo)

Having fun with this generation’s version of the nerdy look.

Cardigan off…notice the cut-outs by the waist area.

Close up on those nerdy looking frames

Showing off the geometric cut-out on the sides

Statement Necklace from my groovy lola in Cebu. Mommy Babe—she’s the one who still rocks animal prints.

Reunited with my favorite owl ring and bangles that I left in Manila last June 2012. The Frog ring was one of the few rings my brother gave me for Christmas and the watch was a gift from my fiance, a very classy pick I might say.


Dolce Vita booties for Target

Funny…I don’t recall ever wanting frames as big as these ones I’m wearing right now. Hooked up on Goosebumps and Sweet Valley back in the days, I took extra precaution not to mess up my eyes for the fear of wearing those hideous oversized glasses. Although my school didn’t tolerate bullying, what other people thought of me mattered…I didn’t wanna be classified as the batch NERD.

20 years ago, before Lasik even became a household term almost everyone associated thick black rimmed eyeglasses with  the word nerd. To me, being a nerd almost meant that you were prone to discreet bullying. For some reason those frames attracted a negative entity, it attracted a similar posse to that of the ‘Mean Girls’ who know nothing more but to talk about how awful you look. Instantly you’re made into a social outcast.  Well, who would’ve thought a few years fast forward these frames would even be considered as a fashion staple? At one point, every single teenager wanted to grab one of these things off the racks. Hah. Ironic.  Although the origin of the resurfacing of these frames being passed off as fashionable is very vague and questionable, I am somewhat grateful to whoever is or was responsible for it. The notion of the typical nerd is slowly being abolished, now nerds can be themselves…heck, nerds can even pass off their look as geek chic and sometimes get away with being fashionable.

Today, I choose to be a nerd. I am a nerd and fashionable at that too.

Here are some beautiful people rockin the nerd glasses:

Joe Jonas

Johnny Depp

Scarlett Johansson

Jennifer Aniston



Mardigras Miss Out

(HAT: Icing, $1.99/ TOP: boyfriend shirt; thrifted/ BELT: mesh; from Mita Bo/ LEGGINGS: Philippines/ SHOES: peeptoes, Limelight; from Paulo/ PURSE: Rachel Roy/ ACCESSORIES: Watch: New York and Co./ BANGLES: Forever 21/ NECKLACE: from Roxi/ RING: Forever 21)

Scheduling a trim sometime soon, I know I need it badly.

Proud that I bought this hat at an Icing liquidation sale…from $28 to $1.99 baby. Now, that’s what I call a bargain.

I love my woven Rachel Roy clutch. A good find from Burlongton Coat Factory for less than $20.

After 2 months, I finally had my watch bands asjusted for only $5 at Fiesta. They had to take out 5 links (yeah, my wrists are really small)

Need to learn how to be comfortable with prints on prints.

Did I tell you that I tripped the first time I wore these shoes? But I can’t get enough of them. They’re simply electric.


5  years of living here in Houston and I’ve never been to a Mardigras celebration in Galveston—officially a loser. I had prior commitments anyway and surprisingly the girls had no plans of going either, no group texts and calls. Unlike me they’ve had their fair share of bead-collecting experiences in the past (probably those times when I didn’t have my car yet). On a better note, thesame day as the Galveston Mardigras was my first ‘cantoring’ duty at church and at a very subjective point of view, I did fairly well.  Nerve wracking does not even start to describe what I felt standing in front of the whole congregation. It’s been awhile since I last had the ‘jelly knees’, maybe back when I was in grade school. When I used to perform on stage, the room being pitch black was my comfort. You only had the stage lights and it would feel like you had the enire theatre all to yourself but with cantoring…it was the total opposite. You could see everyone’s faces and you could tell right then and there that all eyes are on you. Nerve wracking, I tell you. Thank you to my co-choir members for being there to support me on my ‘big debut’..haha. You know who you are.


Happy Month of Love

(TURBAN: studded; from Nikki/ TOP: oversized tee; Forever 21/ LEGGINGS: leopard/ SOCKS: Target/ SHOES: studded wedge sneakers; Image/ PURSE: from New York/ SUNGLASSES: Shasa/ BRACELETS: from Mom & thrifted/ RINGS: from Paulo)

Pops of Red

Turban Details

Crazy rings from my brother during Christmas: leopard, lizard

Black on heart

Bargain Buy at $18.99


Goodbye was always one word (or is it considered two?) I’ve found hard to utter. Granted that the circumstances are final and permanent (like…hmmmm…I don’t know..migrating to Houston perhaps), it can either mean see you later or it may be a possible end to a wonderful relationship developed through time. I’ve discovered that most of the time it is the latter one. Personally, I am no PRO in adjusting to relationships. They say If it’s not broken, why fix it; If it’s working why change it?  I don’t handle change very well. Besides these things aren’t similar to the light decisions we’re used to making everyday like what food to eat, what outfit to wear—emotions are invested in relationships and when emotions are involved, by nature I tend to be on my guard.

Crazy how being in an LDR can strip you off that way of thinking, it somehow changes your outlook in life. With a lot of struggle (and I mean a LOT), I’ve finally accepted that I cannot be in control of everything. Relationships change, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad; people come and go and I’ve learned to gamble a little. And if I do get hurt along the way…hey, I guess we’re just charging it to experience, huh? That’s how you level-up experience wise…you have to get hurt, you have to learn.

Let Go and Let God.  It took me forever to grasp the meaning of that phrase. I’ve embraced it and look where it got me—status: currently satisfied with life. Haha. Finally, thank you Lord! And with a slightly heavy heart I am willing to say goodbye to a bunch of people that have impacted my life. To 2 of my beautiful peks, Hessa and Elaine, who have gone back to the motherland, I wish you all the best. Take every single VTR opportunity that you can get a hold of and make names for yourselves. Chase your dreams. Most importantly, I don’t care what other people have to say about your move as long as you girls are happy. And to Sister De, our choir director who has re-introduced music back into my life, I am forever grateful. Sister, It’s a different calling this time—less music and more of the habit. Haha. I’ll definitely be dropping by Italy to visit you one of these days. Count on that.

On a different note, I’ve just googled the word ‘goodbye’ and it actually originated from the phrase ‘God be with you’…See, ‘goodbyes’ aren’t all that bad.

Despedida Photos:

(2 Despedidas in less than 5 days, sigh)

Molto Bene’s Chicken Alfredo and a refillable glass of Sangria. Delicioso.

Last Dinner at Molto Bene before Sister De leaves for Italy. We will miss you!

Home made Cannolis

Tres Leches

St. Angela Merici (SAM) Choir at the Tonggol’s Residence for Sister De’s Despedida

Every essence of  last minute packing. Haha, really hess?

<and her flight is like 7ish in the morning>

Amil’s Creation. Chocolate pudding with no chocolate…avocado is the healthy way.

Photo Disruptions so Hessa can’t pack. Haha

I’ll miss you so much mane.

…And I’m guessing they’ll miss you too. Awwww.