Happy Month of Love

(TURBAN: studded; from Nikki/ TOP: oversized tee; Forever 21/ LEGGINGS: leopard/ SOCKS: Target/ SHOES: studded wedge sneakers; Image/ PURSE: from New York/ SUNGLASSES: Shasa/ BRACELETS: from Mom & thrifted/ RINGS: from Paulo)

Pops of Red

Turban Details

Crazy rings from my brother during Christmas: leopard, lizard

Black on heart

Bargain Buy at $18.99


Goodbye was always one word (or is it considered two?) I’ve found hard to utter. Granted that the circumstances are final and permanent (like…hmmmm…I don’t know..migrating to Houston perhaps), it can either mean see you later or it may be a possible end to a wonderful relationship developed through time. I’ve discovered that most of the time it is the latter one. Personally, I am no PRO in adjusting to relationships. They say If it’s not broken, why fix it; If it’s working why change it?  I don’t handle change very well. Besides these things aren’t similar to the light decisions we’re used to making everyday like what food to eat, what outfit to wear—emotions are invested in relationships and when emotions are involved, by nature I tend to be on my guard.

Crazy how being in an LDR can strip you off that way of thinking, it somehow changes your outlook in life. With a lot of struggle (and I mean a LOT), I’ve finally accepted that I cannot be in control of everything. Relationships change, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad; people come and go and I’ve learned to gamble a little. And if I do get hurt along the way…hey, I guess we’re just charging it to experience, huh? That’s how you level-up experience wise…you have to get hurt, you have to learn.

Let Go and Let God.  It took me forever to grasp the meaning of that phrase. I’ve embraced it and look where it got me—status: currently satisfied with life. Haha. Finally, thank you Lord! And with a slightly heavy heart I am willing to say goodbye to a bunch of people that have impacted my life. To 2 of my beautiful peks, Hessa and Elaine, who have gone back to the motherland, I wish you all the best. Take every single VTR opportunity that you can get a hold of and make names for yourselves. Chase your dreams. Most importantly, I don’t care what other people have to say about your move as long as you girls are happy. And to Sister De, our choir director who has re-introduced music back into my life, I am forever grateful. Sister, It’s a different calling this time—less music and more of the habit. Haha. I’ll definitely be dropping by Italy to visit you one of these days. Count on that.

On a different note, I’ve just googled the word ‘goodbye’ and it actually originated from the phrase ‘God be with you’…See, ‘goodbyes’ aren’t all that bad.

Despedida Photos:

(2 Despedidas in less than 5 days, sigh)

Molto Bene’s Chicken Alfredo and a refillable glass of Sangria. Delicioso.

Last Dinner at Molto Bene before Sister De leaves for Italy. We will miss you!

Home made Cannolis

Tres Leches

St. Angela Merici (SAM) Choir at the Tonggol’s Residence for Sister De’s Despedida

Every essence of  last minute packing. Haha, really hess?

<and her flight is like 7ish in the morning>

Amil’s Creation. Chocolate pudding with no chocolate…avocado is the healthy way.

Photo Disruptions so Hessa can’t pack. Haha

I’ll miss you so much mane.

…And I’m guessing they’ll miss you too. Awwww.


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