Flowers on Polkadots

A little late on the post but here’s a quick recap to summarize the crazy Easter I had…

First things first…Happy Easter! The Lord is Risen!!!

(TURBAN: Forever 21/ TOP: bustier, No Boundaries/ SKIRT: thrifted, Philippines/ SHOES: Limelight/ PURSE: Rack Room Shoes/ BELT: vintage,from Mommy Babe/ EARRINGS: Aldo/ RINGS: Forever 21/ BANGLE: Philippines/ WATCH: New York and Company)

Not too ostentatious for church, do you agree? Haha.

Patent Red Purse from my brother during his ‘Rack Room’ Days. I was a very spoiled ate.

TURBAN CHALLENGE: Avoiding the Mushroom Top a.k.a ‘protruding hair’ haha

One of my vintage earring favorite

Still getting used to busy details

Little Miss Mismatch

Another gift from the brother. In love with the Bow Details

So prints on prints have never been a strength of mine but that’s what’s so wonderful about fashion —the part where you experiment. Although I did have to tone down on that one, the Church isn’t exactly the perfect venue to go all out on crazy prints and too much skin so this is what I came up with. The turban had to go though during mass, apparently my hair is mushroom-prone and we don’t want any fru-fru hair while singing with the choir, do we?

Pretty much my Easter was hectic and busy (same as my outfit, haha) ; work during the day, Oliver rehearsals at night and church choir practice during the weekends. I’ve always prayed to God for a venue where I can use and share my talents because I feel like its been stagnant for so long, and now here I am… I am not complaining, God. Other than church duties I had ate duties as well—our annual EASTER EGG HUNT. <sigh> The kids are growing up so mom and I made sure that we pulled it off , I don’t know if they’re up for another one next year . As much as I experience a lot of inconveniences with a family as big as mine, I am convinced that Big Families can have the MOST FUN during the holidays. With all 9 of us at home, it’s always a party—that or WWIII, it depends. Haha. Proud to say that Easter was drama-less (well, almost) and chocolate-ful. After the Easter egg hunt at home, we headed to the Woodlands for a CFC Easter Activity. So much for outdoor activities, we brought the rain clouds with us—still what blessings!

Our (normal) Annual Easter Picture

Our (abnormal) 2013 Easter Picture with Todd, our labweiler

Mom and Pop still very much in love ( I think I didn’t have to state that, their smile says it all)

Candid moment caught on cam. Papa and the girls.

Mama and the boys. As usual Paulo was goofing around, what a face..

The un-gifted and the gifted. haha. Meet my maid of honor. (I just had to post this, Pauline)

The kids before the egg-hunt.

The winner of this year was Nicole.


My Little Korean Wannabes

….It all started when Ate Rhea (that’s me), had to go to a KPOP-themed party and went all out on her research as she was not familiar with this craze. She eventually pulled it off and had a blast at the Almacens’ KPOP party but since then on, the little kiddie winks have begged her to dress them up as little KPOPsters.

A year later, the little girls still have not forgotten and one boring Sunday afternoon they brought it up and kulit her to infinity and beyond (to the enth levellllllll) and so the Ate (again, that’s me…haha)  finally gave in and semi-dressed them up so they could quit nagging her. Now everyone was happy.

The End.

Very Happy Asians I suppose, they did get their way.

Serene Angelie


Nicole Valerie


My little babies are growing up…

Princess Butterfly and Princess Ballerina in their tweens

Peace Sign: the infamous Asian pose.

Love-hatin much.

I love you my langgas, please stop growing.

~Ate Rhea

Ms. Busybee

(HAT: People are People, Philippines/ TOP: from Ma Joy/ SKIRT: Forever 21/ STOCKINGS: Target/ BOOTS: Necessary Clothing/ SUNGLASSES: Shasa/ EARRINGS: Philippines/ BELT: 5,7,9/BRACELETS: New York and Co./RING: Forever 21/PURSE: Rue 21)

My outfit says I have a strong urge to get on a motorcycle. Haha, Just kidding.

a la sophisticated Biker Chick, if there is such a thing.

The pearl beaded halter top, I’ve had for more than 10 years now.

Little Pops of Brights

Clear Sequin details on the purse to make it shimmer under the sun

Another pair I’ve worn out. I need to go back to New York to get some more.

It’s working! I’ve managed to juggle my different priorities—my real job, household chores, Hobby Theater volunteer work, SAM Church choir duties, Oliver Rehearsals and my long distance obligations. Although I’d have to admit, I barely have time for friends now and I’ve held off on the wedding planning but now I’m back to it and I’ll continue working on that #DIY wedding website, back to calling suppliers and doing inquiries. It’s a surprise I haven’t checked myself in at the mental institution with this crazy schedule and all.

Oh yeah, I’m also taking jogging seriously now, after I got offended when Marco gave me that innocent remark about my running time being slow—well, he didn’t really say it that way but I just got annoyed with the fact that I was trying to motivate myself to finish at least 3 miles non-stop on the treadmill which I did, and I was proud of that (considering that it was only my 2nd jog after a few months) but all I heard from him was “What 45 minutes?” (and I’m going to repeat this— he meant nothing by that at all…I guess he was just genuinely surprised) . Never in my life have I been a long distance runner, back in high school when I was still part of the track and field team the only events I was capable of joining are the 100 or 200 meter dash and the relays, my speed was up to par but ‘air’ was another thing. If you make me go beyond 400 meters,  I think would have passed out. I’m proud to say I’m working on that, since that Marco incident happened I’ve started running outside non-stop and I’ve cut my running time from 3 miles in 45 minutes (treadmill) to 3 miles in 23 minutes in less than a month’s time. Now all I have to do is push myself to run continuously for an hour keeping the same pace. Wait, Nike Fit doesn’t lie, right?

Sooooo, this is the reason for the scarcity of my outfit posts, the pictures are in Reno (my Canon EOS) but it’s the posting that’s taking some time and I don’t know how I’m going to do this but I plan on catching up. (yeah right, Advance Happy April Fool’s Day, hah!) Anyway, let me work on this. I’ll catch you all later!


Hanging with the Hilfigers


And this was the photo that inspired the outfit of the day…

I know this Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign is from a while back, it’s from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection to be exact. Tommy Hilfiger’s ads are constant eye candies to me especially when I’m browsing through my fashion magazines, I have to stop and take a look just coz there’s a lot of  interesting details going on.If you’ve noticed, every single one of his ads has a story and it lingers because it makes you want to figure the story out. At a very superficial point of view it’s a bunch of good looking fashionable people hanging out together, you’d have to admit they do come up with a pretty cool looking posse.

Just an FYI to those who still think that Tommy Hilfiger is racist, well that’s a complete Urban Legend that started all the way back in 1996 and they’ve actually cleared his name on Oprah a while back. ( I suggest you Google it) And NO, he has nothing against FILIPINOS wearing his line. Sad to say the only Tommy Hilfiger I have on me for today’s outfit is my scent. Haha…It’s been one of my go-t0 scents for years now.

Today’s Outfit completely says: Preppy Menswear and that’s because I’ve ‘borrowed’ some of the items from the men in my family which happens very seldom. Thanks pop, thanks pau!

(HAT: borrowed from Pop/ TANKTOP: from the Philippines/ SWEATER: borrowed from Paulo, Rue 21/ LEGGINGS: Heritage 1981, Forever 21/ SHOES: Necessary Clothing/ PURSE: thrifted/ SUNGLASSES: Forever 21/ WATCH: from Marco, Skagen/ BELT: vintage)

Preppy and Warm

I should start shopping more menswear. Haha.

Breezy Day Staple: a warm checkered scarf

Completely in love with this watch my fiance gave me. I’m not quite sure if it’s because the watch is such a classic or I’m just totally in love with the guy who gave it to me. Haha. It doesn’t matter, I love it Marco.:)

My thrifted go-to vintage purse.

Once again my favorite Brogues make it to today’s outfit.

Enjoy the weekend y’all, I know I will. I hear Houston’s weather forecast is pretty awesome for the last two days of Spring Break.


On to Better Things

(HAT: Icing; $1.99/CARDIGAN: Ross, $6/ TANKTOP: Lace/ SKIRT: Shasa; $7/ BOOTIES: Maripe/ CLUTCH: Rachel Roy/ WATCH: New York & Co./ RINGS: Pink,Forever 21; Flower from Mommy Babe/ EARRINGS: thrifted, $0.50)

Oh, Happy Sunday!

Coincidentally, my hat is the exact shade as Mila Kunis’ hat in that movie I’m dying to watch—Oz, the Great and Powerful

I’m thinking of putting more gold studs on that skirt just to make it look more busy

Rose-covered legs

I’m baaaaaacccckkkkk…..not definitely though, that’s for sure. haha. Inconsistency, I know.

It’s been ages since my last post, or so it feels like it and I have been guilty of moving some archive blogs from my old website just so it seems like I’m updating this one (I’m pretty sure some of you have noticed the successive posts). I never did finish moving all those old entries to The Social Tumbleweed and I get fascinated when I read some of my old posts so the move is still a work-in-progress. Believe me the recent turn out of events isn’t a result of me slacking off, I’ve been up and about and I’ve managed to jam-pack my schedule with all sorts of activities. Just over the weekend, I’ve managed to wake up early in the morning and start laundry, accomplished two of those Victoria’s Secret work-outs,  Skyped with Marco, jogged outside for 30 minutes, took a quick shower, grabbed a quick lunch and headed Downtown to help Vynna and Michelle move in to their new apartment just 5 minutes away from my work place; a good Saturday afternoon work-out with the girls (and boys) carrying drawers, shelves, bed posts, box springs and what nots that was pretty well-rewarded with the best Chicken Shawarma I’ve tasted here in Houston from Shawarma King—all that for Saturday.

For Sunday, my body felt like it was waking up an hour early (well, that’s because it really was), thanks to Daylight Savings Time. Although, I wasn’t scheduled to cantor today, I still sang at the 9 am mass. Volunteer work for Ars Lyrica at the Hobby Center of the Performing Arts was scheduled for 5 pm but I decided to cancel that one just coz it’s that time of the month and I was in slight pain so instead I stayed home and finished up with the laundry, skimmed through the script of Oliver and tried working on the wedding website. Oh yeah…I failed to mention that while my parents were in the Philippines, I finally had the guts to audition and I’d have to say it was my worst performance at an audition ever in my entire life. Give me a break, I haven’t done this in 5 years. <sigh> Charge to experience, never go to an audition after going on a screaming rampage at home.

A week after that, I got the most surprising e-mail…

I got IN!!! (even with that suck-y audition…how in the world?!?)

At that moment, It didn’t matter that there was a chance that I might not even do the play because of my hectic schedule. Just the thought of making it in and being considered to be part of a theatrical production lightened my spirits immensely, it cleared away that 5 year rain cloud hovering over me. And since it is a Classical Broadway musicale, all the more I got excited.  I am grateful for my fiance, my family and my friends who’ve pushed me and have continued to believe in me when I didn’t believe in my self,  I almost chickened out on that audition yet again. If y’all only witnessed how I was pep-talking myself in the car right before the audition—it was hilarious. Well, we’ll see where this takes me….It might be a long time again until I join another production due to other priorities like getting married and possibly starting my own family but at least now I know, in my heart that my love for Theatre will always be there and no matter how long it takes or how old I get, If God allows it I will always and always find my way back to it.