On to Better Things

(HAT: Icing; $1.99/CARDIGAN: Ross, $6/ TANKTOP: Lace/ SKIRT: Shasa; $7/ BOOTIES: Maripe/ CLUTCH: Rachel Roy/ WATCH: New York & Co./ RINGS: Pink,Forever 21; Flower from Mommy Babe/ EARRINGS: thrifted, $0.50)

Oh, Happy Sunday!

Coincidentally, my hat is the exact shade as Mila Kunis’ hat in that movie I’m dying to watch—Oz, the Great and Powerful

I’m thinking of putting more gold studs on that skirt just to make it look more busy

Rose-covered legs

I’m baaaaaacccckkkkk…..not definitely though, that’s for sure. haha. Inconsistency, I know.

It’s been ages since my last post, or so it feels like it and I have been guilty of moving some archive blogs from my old website just so it seems like I’m updating this one (I’m pretty sure some of you have noticed the successive posts). I never did finish moving all those old entries to The Social Tumbleweed and I get fascinated when I read some of my old posts so the move is still a work-in-progress. Believe me the recent turn out of events isn’t a result of me slacking off, I’ve been up and about and I’ve managed to jam-pack my schedule with all sorts of activities. Just over the weekend, I’ve managed to wake up early in the morning and start laundry, accomplished two of those Victoria’s Secret work-outs,  Skyped with Marco, jogged outside for 30 minutes, took a quick shower, grabbed a quick lunch and headed Downtown to help Vynna and Michelle move in to their new apartment just 5 minutes away from my work place; a good Saturday afternoon work-out with the girls (and boys) carrying drawers, shelves, bed posts, box springs and what nots that was pretty well-rewarded with the best Chicken Shawarma I’ve tasted here in Houston from Shawarma King—all that for Saturday.

For Sunday, my body felt like it was waking up an hour early (well, that’s because it really was), thanks to Daylight Savings Time. Although, I wasn’t scheduled to cantor today, I still sang at the 9 am mass. Volunteer work for Ars Lyrica at the Hobby Center of the Performing Arts was scheduled for 5 pm but I decided to cancel that one just coz it’s that time of the month and I was in slight pain so instead I stayed home and finished up with the laundry, skimmed through the script of Oliver and tried working on the wedding website. Oh yeah…I failed to mention that while my parents were in the Philippines, I finally had the guts to audition and I’d have to say it was my worst performance at an audition ever in my entire life. Give me a break, I haven’t done this in 5 years. <sigh> Charge to experience, never go to an audition after going on a screaming rampage at home.

A week after that, I got the most surprising e-mail…

I got IN!!! (even with that suck-y audition…how in the world?!?)

At that moment, It didn’t matter that there was a chance that I might not even do the play because of my hectic schedule. Just the thought of making it in and being considered to be part of a theatrical production lightened my spirits immensely, it cleared away that 5 year rain cloud hovering over me. And since it is a Classical Broadway musicale, all the more I got excited.  I am grateful for my fiance, my family and my friends who’ve pushed me and have continued to believe in me when I didn’t believe in my self,  I almost chickened out on that audition yet again. If y’all only witnessed how I was pep-talking myself in the car right before the audition—it was hilarious. Well, we’ll see where this takes me….It might be a long time again until I join another production due to other priorities like getting married and possibly starting my own family but at least now I know, in my heart that my love for Theatre will always be there and no matter how long it takes or how old I get, If God allows it I will always and always find my way back to it.


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