Hanging with the Hilfigers


And this was the photo that inspired the outfit of the day…

I know this Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign is from a while back, it’s from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection to be exact. Tommy Hilfiger’s ads are constant eye candies to me especially when I’m browsing through my fashion magazines, I have to stop and take a look just coz there’s a lot of ¬†interesting details going on.If you’ve noticed, every single one of his ads has a story and it lingers because it makes you want to figure the story out. At a very superficial point of view it’s a bunch of good looking fashionable people hanging out together, you’d have to admit they do come up with a pretty cool looking posse.

Just an FYI to those who still think that Tommy Hilfiger is racist, well that’s a complete Urban Legend that started all the way back in 1996 and they’ve actually cleared his name on Oprah a while back. ( I suggest you Google it) And NO, he has nothing against FILIPINOS wearing his line. Sad to say the only Tommy Hilfiger I have on me for today’s outfit is my scent. Haha…It’s been one of my go-t0 scents for years now.

Today’s Outfit completely says: Preppy Menswear and that’s because I’ve ‘borrowed’ some of the items from the men in my family which happens very seldom. Thanks pop, thanks pau!

(HAT: borrowed from Pop/ TANKTOP: from the Philippines/ SWEATER: borrowed from Paulo, Rue 21/ LEGGINGS: Heritage 1981, Forever 21/ SHOES: Necessary Clothing/ PURSE: thrifted/ SUNGLASSES: Forever 21/ WATCH: from Marco, Skagen/ BELT: vintage)

Preppy and Warm

I should start shopping more menswear. Haha.

Breezy Day Staple: a warm checkered scarf

Completely in love with this watch my fiance gave me. I’m not quite sure if it’s because the watch is such a classic or I’m just totally in love with the guy who gave it to me. Haha. It doesn’t matter, I love it Marco.:)

My thrifted go-to vintage purse.

Once again my favorite Brogues make it to today’s outfit.

Enjoy the weekend y’all, I know I will. I hear Houston’s weather forecast is pretty awesome for the last two days of Spring Break.


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